LAC House Marae Experience – Rotorua

//LAC House Marae Experience – Rotorua

LAC House Marae Experience – Rotorua

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Te Puia Closing Sabbath

Closing Sabbath at Te Puia on October 15, 2016

“Appreciation is flowing in for a fantastic, wonderful weekend in Rotorua, especially staying in the Whare Moe adorned and steeped in history written into the tukutuku panels, carved figurines, poupou and the rafters.

Kyle just thanked me for a really neat and memorable weekend. Lochlan said last night it was a life changing experience he will never forget.

Thank you very much John and Akatu and family and extended family, the village whanau for hosting 70 plus students and adults and your local and extended church family for a wonderful Sabbath day, the afternoon church programme, the walk and closing Sabbath at Te Puia.

It’s been the most exciting, learning and inspiring weekend ever for everyone. The Marae protocols, the story telling by Nana Chrissy who the students adored.

Once again THANK YOU so much for a an AWESOME weekend from all of us!”

Roy Henry,

Senior Boys’ Dean, LAC House