Careers News

Career Events this term:

Police Open Day
This Sunday, March 11 from 10am – 2pm
The Square, Palmerston North
Family friendly community event
Meet your local police, see the dogs, station tour. Lots to see and do.
Waikato University School Visit
Friday 13 April at 1.30pm in B20 (LAC)
If you are planning on attending WU when you leave school, come along and get info, ask questions, discover what courses are available and be informed. Drinks and snacks provided.

 Careers News:

Driver Licence Credits – recognition of prior learning
Awesome news!  Obtaining your driver’s licence now comes with credits. If you have already gained your licence you are automatically eligible for these credits. To gain these credits you need to bring your actual licence to Mrs Mancer so she can verify, and fill in a short form for NZQA. You will then have the following credits added to your results:  Learner = 2 credits at Level 1, Restricted = Learner credits + 4 credits at Level 2, Full = L+R+ 2 extra credits at Level 2 – making a full licence worth a total of 8 credits.
Career Planning Appointments
Over the course of the year, all seniors will have a chance to meet with Mrs Mancer to discuss their goals for the future.  If you would like to start looking at what you might like to do before you meet, try the careers quiz on Click ‘Know Yourself’ then ‘Career Quest’ and follow instructions to complete. Please remember to share your results with once you’re done.  I look forward to catching up soon.