Year 9 Beach Education Day

“The year 9 class ventured out to Foxton Beach on Wednesday 11th December for our Beach Education day. We spent the day learning about the 10 rules to follow when at the beach to ensure our safety. Students learnt the 4 signs that could be present when there is a rip in the ocean: Calm water, white foaming water, debris and sticks etc and water moving in a criss-cross formation. Along with this we toured the surf life-saving club and checked out the gear that is used for rescues.

The students had their own beach games competition where they played flags, a game where students lay on stomachs spring to their feet and sprint for 25m to grab a little flag. All while trying to avoid being shoved, tackled or eliminated from the game. Eliminations in this game occurred when you did not grab a flag at the end. This continued until only one student was left from the boys and girls. Congratulations to Hunter Ward and Pea Peluga for being the top male & female competitors respectively. Obviously all this running made us all very hot, so we decided to spend the remainder of our time enjoying the ocean, playing with boogie boards and building sandcastles.

I really enjoyed the flags game and learning how to keep safe in the water, by learning how to spot a rip, I really think that’s a very important thing to know, my favourite part was swimming in the beach and catching waves on the boogie board.”

Kaitlyn Taunton, Year 9

Thank you to the teachers who attended this trip we could not have done without you, 

Olivia Korte, Physical Education & Invictus Learning Leader