Year 13 Camp 2021

Leaving Monday night, we departed school and made our way to Blue Mountain Adventure Centre, making it our home for the week. Over the course of the week we did many fun activities such as the Tongariro Crossing, rafting, caving, high ropes, rock climbing, and gumboot throwing. It was a great time to spend with each other outside of class, creating fun and everlasting memories.

Besides from the activities, many people enjoyed the van rides which consisted of singing and wild dancing, and the relaxing hot pools in Turangi on our last night together. Luckily, gumboot throwing is not an event at Athletics Day, because our gumboots went everywhere but where they were supposed to go.

Many thanks to Miss Grayson for her countless hours spent making this possible, and the other staff and helpers which accompanied too.

– Jessica Hiri, Year 13