Year 9 Get Connected Camp.

Last week Year 9 went out to spend three days in Pohangina Valley. We camped for 2 rather chilly nights at Totara Reserve where students gained a large range of practical camping skills as well as Art, Social Sciences and English skills and connections.
Day One started with a trip to Luttrells White Pine Gardens and Museum. Students explored the old artifacts that were used by the Early Settlers in the area. The wetlands area was interesting as students were able to see the different plants and bird life that live in the area. They made connections with the maps they had studied in class this term.
From here we headed to our campsite where we set up our camp. For many it was the first time they had set up their own tents and slept in tents. The river swim was a refreshing change from the hot sun. The river also created a real life landscape for a geological study, we looked at the way the river was formed and the different shapes and sizes of the rocks.
On Day Two we headed into the bush for our tramp. We walked through the Fern Bush Walk where students studied the different types of ferns and how they could and have been used for food, medicine and bedding. The afternoon was filled with team building and networking activities followed by a range of meaningful art activities.
On our last morning, students lived a chapter from the book Hatchet they are studying in English where Brian, the main character, finally creates a fire but then needs to cook on it. Our students were set with the challenge to cook an egg only using the natural environment. A range of great methods were used including heating a flat rock and cracking the egg on to it, wrapping the egg in flax and placing in the fire, building long tongs from branches and holding over the fire, and rotating the egg in the hot embers. 
Throughout the camp the students learnt and practiced cooking all their own meals on a single gas cooker, managing their gear, and working together. All essential skills to help prepare them for their Abel Tasman Camp in Year 10. 
A big thank you to the teachers who attended camp and supported the learning and growth of our Year 9s. Being out of the classroom and in the outdoors allows us to make so many connections. It was certainly a valuable and enjoyable trip. 
Mrs Korte
Teacher in Charge