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Friday, 19 October
Principal's Message

Term 4 is upon us, and for so many of our senior students, the NZQA examinations are just weeks away. For each of us, it is important to stop and reflect on the progress we have made towards achieving the goals we have set, the measurement of our success.

There will be those of us who have already achieved our initial goal and have, or should have, revised the goal upwards. Then there are those of us who need to ‘dig deep’ to fight our way over the line. Whichever group we are in, it is our response to our situation rather than the situation itself that defines us. I cannot change what has been, but I can change now.

There are so many individual students who are quite simply impressive. Not impressive from the result they receive but by their attitude towards life.


"Therefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air." Corinthians 9:26 NIV


Farewell to Warren Rickard

For almost 12 years, Mr Rickard has been employed in the role of groundsman and maintenance. He has chosen to retire later this month and we wish him well in his deserved retirement. 


Board of Trustees (BOT) Student Election

Each year, Year 9 to Year 13 students elect their student representative for the Board of Trustees. This practice occurs all over New Zealand and is an important way of ensuring that student voice exists in the decision-making process within a school. This year, we had 3 candidates for the position: Rachel Jaboon (Y12), Eva Ruiz (Y11) and Tuivulavula (Tui) Unua (Y12). 

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Tui was the successful candidate and she is no doubt looking forward to representing the student body at the BOT.


Year 7-8 Newspaper 

Many of you will have recently had the pleasure of reading the Year 7–8 newspaper called The Encounter. The 12-page newspaper was distributed inside the Manawatu Guardian and the leading headline was “Life after LAC”. Under Mrs Paki and Mrs Ngarepa’s guidance, the Year 7 and 8 students ‘investigated’ individuals from the Alumni. Having done so, students wrote an article which shared that passed student’s story at LAC. No doubt the process would have provided the opportunity to make comparisons over what has and has not changed at LAC over the years. 

As the newspaper circulation was in the tens of thousands there has been a significant response. The publication has brought a lot of joy to a wide range of people within our community and students. Congratulations to the Year 7 and 8s, Mrs Paki and Mrs Ngarepa. The learning that took place was as impressive as the newspaper itself.

Last weeks edition of the Guardian Newspaper (including The Encounter) can be viewed here:

Brendan van Oostveen, Principal

Year 13 Graduation

Graduation for the Yr 13s will take place on the 2nd - 3rd of November and is a highlight of the LAC school year. Graduation celebrates the Year 13 students’ academic successes and is also an opportunity to enjoy the best of LAC. The primary guests for the weekend are the family and friends of the Year 13 group, however, we would encourage the school community to come along and enjoy the programmes where we have seating room; primarily at the Friday night and the Saturday morning programmes. The Saturday night graduation service is more limited in seating and we would like to give priority to people with direct connections to our Year 13 students.

For Year 13 students to graduate, they have to meet the LAC criteria of achieving 60 Level 3 credits, including at least 12 credits in Level 3 Bible. The credits for meeting the graduation requirements can come from internal NCEA credits plus projected credits in the NCEA externals based on the school EDG exams at the end of Term 3.

Friday 2nd November

5.30 pm Graduation Dinner – Year 13 Graduating Students/Parents or Caregivers/Teachers. Each graduating student can invite up to two people; parents, caregivers or friends; as guests for the meal in the College cafeteria.

Friday 7.30 pm - Evening Programme

Saturday 3rd November

10.00 am Graduation Church programme – Music/Drama/Year 13s as the speakers

3.00 – 4.15 pm - Praise Service

7.30 pm Graduation/Prize Giving - Speaker – Keira Bullock

Please note
that the last school day for the Year 13s is Wednesday 31st October and for the next two days before the graduation weekend, the class will be expected to help and support the graduation committee in preparations for the weekend.

Year 11-12 Prizegiving
The Year 11-12 Prizegiving will take place on the 5th of November at 1.00 pm in the school chapel. All parents, caregivers and guests are invited to attend this celebration of your child’s success.
NCEA Corner

NCEA Exams

NCEA Exams begin on Wednesday, November 7, 2018. Please continue to prepare for your exams throughout the busyness of the next few weeks. Please also check with your teachers for any study material or books that they are able to provide you for the duration of the exam time. The link to 2018 exam timetable is below. All the very best!

Religious Studies Scholarship

LAC is pleased to inform the wider community that after a year and a half of working through a ‘thorough’ application process, Religious Studies has been approved by NZQA as a scholarship subject from 2020. Scholarship is a qualification that is designed to identify the very best performing students in New Zealand. Only a small handful, usually one or two per cent of year 13 students, achieve scholarship. This qualification comes with a monetary reward but more importantly, acknowledges the student as being ‘high calibre’. Last year, Gabrielle Tongs gained Scholarship in Biology. She commented that the dedication required, and higher-order thinking was excellent preparation for university.

Tamar Aiono, Assistant Principal
Calendar Dates

2018 Term 4 School Events

Mon. 22 Oct. - Labour Day Holiday
Thur. 25 Oct. - Senior Music Soirée (Chapel) 7pm
Tue. 30 Oct. - Year 13 Clearance
Wed. 31 Oct. - Year 13 Farewell Chapel (9am) and Year 13 Final Day at School
Thu. 1 Nov. - Trinity Music Exams – Music room
Fri. 2 Nov. - Year 11 - 12 Clearance

Fri. 2 Nov. - Year 13 Graduation Dinner LAC Cafeteria 5.30pm - 7pm

Fri. 2 Nov. - Year 13 Graduation Vespers LAC Chapel 7.30pm

Sat. 3 Nov. - Graduation Church Programme LAC Chapel 10am-12pm

Sat. 3 Nov. - Afternoon Programme LAC Chapel 3pm

Sat. 3 Nov. - Year 13 Graduation LAC Chapel 7.30pm – 10pm

Mon. 5 Nov. - Year 11-12 Prize-giving LAC Chapel 1pm
Wed. 7 Nov. - NCEA Exams Begin
Wed. 7 Nov. - Year 10 Invictus Gear Check for Journey
Thu. 8 Nov. - BOG (10am) and BOT Meeting (5.30pm)

12 – 16 Nov.
 - Year 10 Invictus Journey
Thu. 22 Nov. - Junior Music Soiree (Chapel) 7pm
Fri 30 Nov. - NCEA Exams Finish
Wed. 12 Dec. - Year 7-10 Prize-giving 1pm – 2pm
Wed. 12 Dec. - Term 4 Ends

2019 School Term Dates

TERM 1 2019

Orientation Day for New Students - Monday 4 February
Classes commence for Y7-10 - Tuesday 5 February
Waitangi Day Holiday - Wednesday 6 February
Classes commence for All Students - Thursday 7 February
Swimming Sports - TBC
Athletics Day - TBC
Last Day of Term 1 Friday 12 April
School holidays - Saturday 13 April to Sunday 28 April

TERM 2 2019

First Day of Term 2 - Monday 29 April
Last Day of Term 2 - Friday 5 July
School Holidays - Saturday 6 July to Sunday 21 July

TERM 3 2019

First Day of Term 3 - Monday 22 July
Last Day of Term 3 - Friday 27 September
School Holidays - Saturday 28 Sept to Sunday 13 Oct

TERM 4 2019

First Day of Term 4 - Monday 14 October
Last Day for Year 13 - Wednesday 30 October
Graduation Weekend - Friday 1 to Saturday 2 November
Year 11 - 12 - Prize-giving Monday 4 November
NCEA Exams Begin - Thursday 7 November
NCEA Exams End - Monday 2 December
Year 7-10 Prize-giving - Friday 13 December
Last Day of Term 4 - Friday 13 December


Schools must be closed in 2019 on Saturdays and Sundays, and on these days:

Wellington Anniversary - Monday 21 January
Waitangi Day (observed) - Wednesday 6 February
Daylight Saving Ends - Sunday 7 April
Easter - In the school holidays
ANZAC Day - 25 April (in holidays)
Queen’s Birthday - Monday 3 June
Daylight Saving Starts - Sunday 29 September
Labour Day - Monday 28 October
Christmas Day (observed) - Wednesday 25 December
Boxing Day - Thursday 26 December
School Calendar

PB4L-ASPIRE Awards Term 3 2018

The following students received certificates in recognition of receiving the top number of stamps for their roll-mark class in term 3 during the final chapel for the term:

Year 7: Jodie Aitken; Year 8: Chayille Collette; Year 9: Elisha Gonzales; Year 10: SM Miado; Year 11: Emmanuel Madembo; Year 12 Jinni Zhang; Year 13: Michael Madembo; Other students to receive awards were: Ryan Christian, Siunarii Paiva and Lynberg Jacob.

Term 3 Deans Awards 2018

Congratulations to the following students:

Year 7 & 8: Margaret Mafile’o for working diligently all of the time, producing quality work and encouraging others to be sensible and get on with tasks.

Year 7 - 8: Charles Padillo for settling in well at school and applying himself 100% to all tasks.

Year 9: Liam Blakeborough for cultivating resilience and integrity in all that he does in and out of the classroom.

Year 10: Riana Hill for her continued resilience in all classes, and the positive example that she sets for her peers.  She always rises to the challenges presented and does her best, no matter what.

Year 11: Jade Wright for working really hard and doing her best.  Jade has made great improvement and is doing really well.  A great student.

Year 12: Emelia Sessa and Leiana Hiri for positive leadership with PB4L activities.

Year 13: Kiata Mori for being polite, enthusiastic and aiming high in everything she does.  A fantastic all-rounder.

Ros Burnett, Deputy Principal

LAC Sport News


What is your term 4 sport? Is it volleyball or touch, Intermediate Summer Hockey or even Intermediate Arena Soccer? If you have not found your summer sport yet, visit . From archery to volleyball, Sport Manawatu has information on a variety of sports to get you going!

Remember you have to PAY in order to PLAY. All sports fees for Term 4 are due to be paid to Mrs Flood at the reception. If you have not yet joined a team and are keen to get involved, email


Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon

TRYathlon school registrations are now open for 2019!

What is the Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon?

The Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon is designed for Kiwi kids aged 7-15 years to help them stay active and healthy through a programme of participation. The series has been running since 1992 and is a rite of passage for Kiwi kids. To date over 300,000 Kiwi kids have given it a TRY. Open to Kiwi kids of all sporting abilities, the Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon is a fun day out for kids, parents and families.  Participants get to swim, cycle, and run their way around age-appropriate courses, either as an individual or as part of a team of two.

Every participant who enters receives:

A Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon medal

A downloadable certificate of achievement

An official Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon t-shirt, drawstring kit bag and swim cap

complimentary breakfast from the Weet-Bix Breakfast Tent

PLUS the chance to WIN awesome spot prizes and meet their sporting heroes.

Check out the Location page for your closest event and for more details. Go on “Give it a TRY!”

Students who would like to enter the 2019 competition must contact Mr Ferreira to secure a place on the LAC team!

Titus O'Donnell
Hardcore Parkour

Parkour, it’s one of the sports that everyone thinks is crazy and only the craziest would attempt it. This is not true. No- matter how many videos you see of people doing massive jumps over huge drops and double flips they all started somewhere. I started in my backyard with a foam mattress. For weeks I practised a backflip and I don’t know how many times I hurt myself. But, I never stopped; I kept trying until I got it. That's how I got to where I am today. With a little skill and a lot of practice, you can do just about anything.

Titus O’Donnell, Year 11

See More Photos and Video Here →
Manawatu Girls U20 Volleyball
Congratulations to Josephine Ma’u and Torika Warren – Pehu, who was selected to play in the U20 Manawatu Girls' Volleyball Team.
Lexi Represents Horowhenua and Manawatu West Coast

Lexi Rutherford-Blyth started eventing three years ago, when she was 11, wanting to follow in her mother’s footsteps since she is also an eventer. Before this Lexi was doing gymkhanas. Her favourite part of eventing is the cross country course.


Lexi has represented the Horowhenua twice at Bruce Forbes at 80cm and also competed in the Manawatu West Coast Pony Club Camps Team in the 95cm division.  Her two ponies are Maple and Patchy. Her future goal is to continue competing at higher levels. Well done, Lexi!

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