Academic Newsletter Update 28/3/19

Update: The Endorsement List was not linked in the previous email. Apologies for the repeated informaiton

Wow, we have had a busy start to the year! We have been very blessed with a healthy growing Junior School department. Our current number is 37 students, of whom 29 are new to LAC. With so many new students this year and a new 10-day timetable to get used to we are finally getting used to the routines of life in the Junior School.

Thank you for supporting us and choosing LAC. We are looking forward to getting to know you better as the year goes on.

Parent Teacher Evening

A big thank you to all those who attended the Parent Teacher Evening on Wednesday March 20th. We appreciated the investment of your time and energy. The evening had an incredible ‘buzz’ to it and it was heartwarming to see over ½ of our students’ families represented there. We realize there are a few things that need to change and would appreciate any feedback around this process, so we can improve the next session.

Tamar Aiono

Please email your comments to

Tamar Aiono, Assistant Principal

New Subjects for 2019

Three new subject areas have been introduced into the school curriculum for 2019: Level 1 and 2 Commerce, Level 2 Health and Level 3 Hospitality.

Level 1 and 2 Commerce is made up of a range of subjects which are linked to ‘doing business’. Standards are taken from Accounting, Economics and Business Studies. This provides students with an insight into the market place and the motivations of consumers, businesses and the government. Level 2 Health will allow the student to examine particular aspects that contribute to the general health and wellbeing of a person in a school or wider community. They will also look at people’s ability to manage change and understand issues around sexuality and gender. Level 3 Hospitality will cater to the student’s understanding of nutrition in commercial catering, preparing for service in a commercial kitchen, and other aspects of food preparation, culinary products and terms.

We thank the staff for developing these new courses of study which enable our students to access to a range of curriculum areas.


NCEA Achievement

We are proud of our LAC students who continue to achieve at increasingly higher standards. Here are some statistics on how well they performed:

Over 2017 & 2018, 89.4% of LAC student leavers had gained NCEA Level 3 with the national average being 64.4% in 2018. Over the last 2 years, 83% of LAC student leavers gained NCEA Level 2.

The 2018 LAC Year 13 class continued this trend, and these were their results:

In 2018, there were 26 Year 13 students. Of those 26 students:

  • 6 students left during the year (work or tertiary study)
  • 86.4% gained NCEA Level 3
  • 22.7% gained NCEA with Merit endorsements at Level 3
  • 18.2% gained NCEA with Excellence endorsements at Level 3
  • 71.8 % gained University Entrance with others gaining required results for specific vocational pathways

We look forward to seeing some fantastic results in the Emergency Derived Grade Exams in September and subsequently, the NCEA external exams commencing on November 8th.

Portal Access

Teachers will have written up comments regarding particular assessments that your child has completed. In order to access these comments, you will need to login to the LAC portal.

Here are the steps to do so:

  • Go to
  • Login as your child (e.g. Joe Blog = Joeb). Enter the password that has been emailed to you
  • Go to the ‘Results’ tab
  • Go to ‘Current Year Results’
  • Scroll down and view your child’s results

Please note that as we are in Week 7 of Term 1, there will not be too many results uploaded yet. In the portal, areas like attendance, NCEA summaries, notices and awards can also be accessed. All caregivers have been emailed their child’s login and a password to use.

It is important to access the portal to keep up with your child’s academic progress. If you have any concerns accessing the portal, please contact Ryan Gounder at

NZQA Login

As part of a senior student’s academic experience, NZQA provides a personalized student profile where a student can view their results, either from NZQA or other providers, and all things to do with NZQA. They can also gauge their progress, provide official documentation from here to prospective universities and simply keep up to date with their results. Current senior students need to continue becoming familiar with logging on and check their progress. In order to do this, new students will be provided with a card that outlines the process for registering. This will take place late April.

For new students, go to:

For senior students, go to:



A hearty ‘Congratulations!’ to the following students for their commitment and hard work in gaining LCEA and NCEA with Merit and Excellence in 2018. It is also important to recognize that 35 more students gained Merit endorsements in 2018 than in 2017, bringing us to a total of 76 students.

Excellence Endorsements
Angelina Cariga
Addira Collette (left)
Chayille Collette (left)
Margaret Mafile’o
Hannah Mardon
NN Miado Hunter
Ward Samara Ward
Liam Blakeborough
Jack Matata
Griffyn Kapao (left)
Abigail Whitbread-Edwards
Jack Matata
Serena Cade
Jessica Hiri
Avantika John
Lydia Pavarno
Lexi Rutherford-Blyth
SM Miado
Bella McClean
Siunari’i Paiva
Hannah Jourdain
Chrysolite Gali
Macy Paki
Atawhai Wirihana
Nathan Soong (left)

Merit Endorsements
Jodie Aitken
Jacob Malaquin
Kaiya-Grace Bennett
Micah Pavarno
Kitana Boustridge
Anna Carey
Nathan Gannaway
Micah Jourdain
Kalarah Lewis-Clarke
Matt Mata
Daniel Dihm
Charles Padilla
Jamie Smith (left)
Kaitlyn Taunton
Gus Wallace (left)
Kim Belisario
TJ Foaga (left)
Caitlin Gidden
James Horne
Dejahna Ludwig
Michelle Madembo
Mafile’o Kieran
Toryah Skerrett
Eilidh Tyrrell
Wei Xi
Leisana Kingi
Giovanni Luke
Malakai Booth
Gemma Brayshaw
Jarn Doyle
Mia Paki
Cameron Mahoney
Riana Hill
Tsarine Gardner
Bryan Mhonde
Makayla Whitbread-Edwards
Christopher Tyrrell
Eliud Ganaii
Molly Pokaran
Alevya Skerret
Jade Posthuma
Sammie Shearman
Matt Sparrow (left)
Olivia Walker
Shane Smith
Leonardo Cariga
Bethany Carter
Rowmesha Sekona
Christine Coralde
Apia Kaukare-Yawha
Shelley Cheesman
Sachi Hermoso
Zoe Mancer
Rebekah Taunton
Samantha McBride
Daphnne Piiti
Emmanuel Madembo
Eva Ruiz
Sofia Sessa
Sandra Namani
Tywana Wong
Lily Bull
Beaven Ganaii
Rachel Jaboon
Aksha John
Hayley Matata
Sisi Panikoula
Sophie Pigott
Amelia Tyrrell
Tuivulavula Unua

Subject Endorsements

A subject endorsement is where a student gains 14 credits in an NZQA approved subject at Merit or Excellence. This is officially recognized by NZQA and at LAC, we reward students with gold and silver pins for these achievements. We continue to be proud of our students’ dedication to their learning and encourage them to strive to fulfil their personal academic goals in this way. Congratulations!

Please click the image below to view the PDF document.


Honour Awards

We would like to acknowledge, through the LAC Honours system, students for their dedication and hard work within four main categories: dedicated service to school, sports in the wider community and other miscellaneous areas of achievement. Here is a brief outline of the criteria for these awards:

A Service Award is received if a student gains the Citizenship award in the previous year

A Sports Award is received if a student has represented New Zealand or the Manawatu in any sporting field

A Prefect’s Award is given if a student has been selected as a prefect

A Principal’s Award is awarded if a student has excelled in an area outside the above three mentioned areas that the teachers and principal feels they deserve recognition for.

The following students are recognized for their endeavours outside the academic arena. Thank you for putting your best foot forward in everything you do:

Beaven Ganaii
Rachel Jaboon
Amelia Tyrrell
Emilia Sessa
Sophie Pigott
Tanner Ferreira
Tuivulavula Unua
Josephine Ma’u

House Captains
Sisi Panikoula
Danito Kakaraya
Evaysha Hala
Tianah Lauesi
Val Tautua
Josephine Ma’u

Jodie Aitken
Angelina Cariga
TJ Foaga (Left)
SM Miado
Macy Paki
Emilia Sessa

Community Notices

Future of Education Public Meeting - Tuesday, 26 March

Hon Nikki Kaye, Spokesperson for Education, will be holding 40 public meetings throughout New Zealand to listen to parents’ and teachers’ views on issues in education.  The meetings will have a particular focus on the Tomorrow’s Schools proposals. 


Nikki Kay will be holding a public meeting in Feilding on Tuesday, 26 March and we are inviting principals, staff, parents and board members from the Rangitikei and Palmerston North area to come and voice your concerns and views on education issues.

PLEASE NOTE: There will not be a public meeting held in Palmerston North.


Meeting details:

Date: Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Time: 5.30pm

Venue: Feilding High School, 1 Churcher Street, Feilding

Discovery Foundation are delighted to announce that we have 50 personal development and leadership scholarships available for High School Students for our April Discovery for Teens.  There are three tiers of scholarships available. The final scholarship round closes on 20th March.  The scholarships are open for teenagers from anywhere in NZ. 


Apply online at


The Discovery Foundation’s mission is to provide young people with the skills, tools and strategies that enable them to get the best out of life.  Discovery has been carefully designed to inspire, strong self-esteem, personal leadership and to encourage young people to reach their full potential.


93% of teens increase self-esteem and confidence

93    96% report an increase in self-motivation

·          88% report overall academic improvement and 99% record dramatic reading speed improvements

·          96% report having better communication

·          91% said leadership had improved

·          99% of Discovery parents say their teens have lifted their overall attitude towards life


Discovery for Teens is 7-days/6-nights for 14-18-year-olds run during school holidays.  One-third of the programme focuses on academic skills: study skills, speed reading and exam strategies.  Two-thirds focuses on life skills.  The life skills components include communication, relationships, leadership, goal setting/planning and teamwork. Discovery is also designed to give teens increased confidence and a toolbox of strategies to help them overcome challenges and navigate the difficult teen years.  Teens come out with improved self-confidence, motivation and commitment.  Discovery is full of activity-based experiences and includes a parent’s day workshop on the final day of the programme.  We have a minimum ratio of one staff member for every four teenagers, ensuring that the teens are fully supported through their Discovery journey.  We are also able to accommodate special dietary requirements, e.g. gluten free, dairy free etc.

Manawatū Youth Theatre
Te Ohu Auahi Mutunga Stop Smoking Service
The Buzz Holiday Programme
The Buzz Holiday Programme runs from 15-26 April (please note that we are closed on Good Friday 19/4, Easter Monday 22/4 and ANZAC day 25/4), at St Albans Presbytery Church, Hokowhitu, Palmerston North.
Cost: $27-35 per day (depending on hours booked), all food included. (WINZ subsidies available).  
For more information: Visit (you can register online), email:, or phone/text 027 ‘The Buzz’ (027-843-2899)
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