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I started working in the LAC library at the beginning of 2013. I am originally from Kawerau in the Bay of Plenty but have lived in Palmy since 2000 and consider this to be my home now. I have two sons and my husband Nolan to keep me busy when I’m not at school. I enjoy volleyball and hockey, relaxing at home with my family, and reading - especially now that thanks to my iPhone I can read whenever, wherever I want! The library is a hive of activity during both class time and break times. I am blessed to have such an amazing space to work in and I have lots of ideas and plans to make our library even better. One of my favourite things about working in the LAC library is being able to interact with the students on a more relaxed level. We have an amazing melting pot of talented students here and having a roll of around 300 means you can really get to know them and their stories. I really enjoy working at LAC: the school’s special character and love for Jesus; the exciting mix of students; and the supportive, friendly staff. My favourite bible verses come from the books of Proverbs and Luke: Proverbs 27:9 (MSG) - Just as lotions and fragrance give sensual delight, a sweet friendship refreshes the soul. Luke 1:37 (MSG) - "...Nothing, you see, is impossible with God..."