Girls’ Hockey 2018

Congratulations to our girls’ hockey team who finished the season off with a convincing 5-1 win to take out third place in our division. We played 15 games this season and came away with 12 wins and scored 88 goals. It has been a rewarding team to coach; some existing players stepped up to new levels, some new players have provided exciting opportunities for the future, and the team as a whole exceeded my expectations. Thank you to the girls for the hard work and dedication they have put in this season. I’m really blessed to have a great bunch of girls with no dramas! Thank you to the parents and supporters for all the pickups, drop-offs and sideline support and a big thank you to our team manager Rachel Paki for her time, effort, patience and love.

Special thank you to Abbey Smith who has led by example and done an excellent job of captaining our team this year. Along with Abbey, we say farewell to our two other Year 13 girls – Stella Murchie and Kiata Mori. We will miss the three of you very much and I have loved having you girls in the team.

I have two special mentions, the first is Piper Fuller for stepping up to the challenge of playing goalie this season. It’s always hard to find someone to play goalie but Piper was keen from the start and has great athletic ability. Piper has had a great first season and we look forward to her growing further in skill and confidence next season. The second is Macy Paki who scored a whopping 70 goals over the 15 games. An outstanding effort by a talented young player! As the centre-forward, goal scoring is Macy’s job and as you can tell, she takes this job very seriously!

Hockey runs from Term 2 to halfway through Term 3 and we’ll be looking for a few new players next season. So if you’re keen to join a dedicated, fun team and play a real sport, come see me.

Bex King


Team photo:
Back L to R: Macy Paki, Chrysolite Gali, Jessica Hiri, Piper Fuller, Tuivulavula Unua, Olivia Walker, Mia Paki
Front L to R: Stella Murchie, Abbey Smith, Angelina Cariga, Leiana Hiri, Kiata Mori, Tsarine Gardner, Uinise Afu