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LAC House Boarding Fee

The annual fee for a boarding student (both domestic & international) to live within LAC House is NZ$13,270 (updated 7 December 2017).

Payment Options:

Boarders’ fees require an up-front NZ$1,000 deposit. The remainder may be paid up-front or by instalments.
All instalments must be finalised by the end of the academic school year.

ParticularDescriptionAmount (NZ$)
Uniform Fee
  • This is an estimated base rate to cover the uniform cost. Additional items over the value of NZ$600 will incur extra cost
  • Second-hand uniforms are available from the school reception
  • Please refer to the Uniform page for details and costing
$600 /year
  • This fee covers the cost of the following items: Room, electricity, water, laundry, amenities, and supplies (toilet paper, etc.), washing powder, cleaning products, dorm computers, facility maintenance, 24-hour Dean supervision, teacher study supervision.
  • Additional facilities that your child has access to are: Computer labs, school library, chapel, sports hall, music suite, sports ground, tennis courts, basketball court & push bike storage shed

$6,200 /year

($155 /week)

Meals Fee
  • Boarders are provided with an abundant supply of well-balanced vegetarian food. Included:
    1. Continental breakfasts with hot options
    2. 3-course hot vegetarian dinners
    3. Student-made lunches (school days)
    4. Afternoon snacks available after school (2-3 times per week)
    5. Supper after Friday night meetings
    6. Sabbath special treats
    7. Sunday brunch
  • We have a fully equipped commercial kitchen/cafeteria that seats up to 300
  • The cafeteria and kitchen may be hired for functions throughout the year
  • Ther catering team can provide for different dietary requirements and boarders can request meal options

$5,560 /year

($139.01 /week $6.62 /meal)

Activites Fee
  • Boarding includes a range of activities during the week and on weekends. Activites may be in-house boarding events or be connected with the school or local church
  • This includes transportation costs
  • Some past activity examples are:
    1. After School – Sports, music, tuition, parties, special worships, town trip, etc.
    2. Friday nights – Vespers, group Bible studies, visitation, themed evenings, etc.
    3. Saturday night and Sunday – Roller skating, swimming, youth events, competitions, sporting events, concerts, church visits, banquets, social nights, movie nights, nature walks, beach trips, etc.
  • All activities are organised, supervised and run by boarding deans and certified staff. Boarding staff take into full consideration the OSH regulations (EOTC), duty of care, medical requirements, and sufficient adult supervision.
  • Some activities¬†may have extra charges. Examples of such activities¬†are sky trips and international service trips.

$200 /year

($5 / week)

Room Maintenance Fee
  • No room deposit required
  • The fee covers general maintenance in the dormitories, e.g., door handles, mirrors, lights, and other minor repairs
  • Any vandalism will be reported to parents/caregivers and charged to the student’s account.
$210 /year
Local Travel Fee
  • This fee covers travel to medical appointments, Thursday & Sunday shopping trips, small group and individual appointments, bus/train/airport travel pickups, local sporting events and competitions
  • This fee is used to pay for drivers, vehicle registration, fuel costs and maintenance costs of a 50 seater bus, 31 seater bus, 11 seater van and two cars
  • Medical appointment consultation charges are not included. They will be charged to the student’s account unless the student is covered by private health insurance

$500 /year

($125 /term)

Total Annual Fee