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The halls of residence are comfortably appointed. Each residence hall has its own chapel, lounge, and a small kitchenette for personal use. Each room is equipped with two beds, separate wardrobes and drawers, and study space for two. There are 240-volt power points for low wattage items such as electric curlers, but not for electric heaters. Each room is heated and carpeted.


Students need to bring their own blankets, pillow, sheets, pillowslips, electric blanket etc. Mattress and curtains are supplied. Room decoration is the prerogative of the student, under the residential caregivers’ supervision.

Care and Supervision

Students are cared for by Deans. There are two full-time deans and some volunteer deans that are rostered on to take care of the dormitories. At all times there is one male and one female Dean on duty to ensure 24-hour student care.


The College provides a transport service to the campus from the Palmerston North transport terminals.


Vegetarian meals are provided in the College cafeteria and students are encouraged to choose a nutritious, balanced diet.

Term-End Arrangements

New Zealand schools operate on four (4) terms per year, and at the end of each term there is a holiday period of two (2) weeks except for the Christmas term break which is between six (6) and eight (8) weeks depending on the year level of the student.
During the term holiday breaks, the residences are closed and all international students are placed in a homestay. It is recommended that all students return to their homes during the year-end school holiday (December-January). The HOD of the International Students’ Centre will arrange homestays. If a student wishes to stay with a relative or friends, then the parents must complete a Parental Consent Form and Homestay Application Form. However, under the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students, the HOD of the International Students’ Centre requires homestay carers over 18 years of age to be police vetted and also to ascertain that the student will be cared for in a safe environment.

Medical Arrangements

It is a requirement under the New Zealand Education Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students that all students have personal medical insurance cover for the full term of their stay in New Zealand.

Passports and Visas

International students must hand their passport and airline tickets to the HOD of the International Students Centre upon arrival at LAC, for safekeeping in a lockable safe. Should a student’s visa be required to be renewed during the school year, it is the responsibility of the HOD of the International Students Centre to ensure that all student visas are current and updated.


A study programme is operated by the College and is monitored by staff. The study period is from 7:30 to 9pm.