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Tuesday, 15 May
"Be still, and know that I am God"
Psalm 46:10 

For probably most of us, including myself, this verse will always be Ms Little’s Bible text. In the last month or so, Ms Little had her last chats, passed away, had her funeral and a memorial at the school. Jude asked me to share her final thoughts with students, staff and the school community. Many of you will have heard this before but just in case you didn’t.

“I love teaching. Not the content but seeing all the beautiful faces and helping you to come to understand a little more about life, love and forgiveness.

You have all been a wonderful part of my life. I wish only the best for each and every one of you. Be still and listen because God will speak to you and lead you on the straight and narrow path.

Until we meet again on that great and glorious day when God gathers us all together as one again.

Much Love and many blessings”  - Ms Little

Brendan van Oostveen, School Principal

Sport Honours

In the LAC honour award system, in order to gain a Sports bar, a student needs to have represented the Manawatu or New Zealand in any sporting field. The following students have made us proud with their commitment to excellence:

  • Griffyn Kapao - Manawatu Basketball rep. for the U13s
  • Tra'est Brelua-Mafile'o - Manawatu Rugby rep. for the U13s


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School Calendar
Upcoming Events

Week 3:

·     Adventist Health Week

·     Thu 17/05: Sort It Careers Expo, Central Energy Trust Arena

·     Fri 18/05: Year 7 & 8  Rotation 1 Ends

·     Fri 18/05: Waikato Uni Open Day


Week 4:

·    Mon 21/05: Year 7 & 8 Rotation 2 Begins

·    Mon - Fri 21-25/5, 1st Period: Week of Worship

·     Fri 25/05: Year 5 & 6 Taster Day - contact

Week 5:

·     Monday 26/03/18 – Thursday 29/03/18:  Year 13 Camp

·     Wed 31/05: 5 Weekly Review (Deans will report concerns to caregivers)

·     Thu 31/05 @ 5.30pm: Board of Trustees Meeting

Week 6:

·   Mon 4/06: Queen's Birthday Holiday

·   Thu 7/06: Blood Donation Drive

·   Friday 8/06: Teacher Only Day (no school for students)

Week 7:

·   Tue 12/06: LAC OPEN DAY - Day tours from 9.30am and Evening Tours & Presentation from 6.00pm. More info here:

·   Wed 13/06: Big Sing Competition

·   Fri 15/06: Otago Uni visit LAC

Week 8:

·   Fri 22/06: Year 9 & 10 Rotation 2 Begins

·   Fri 22/06: Careers in Health Day

Week 9:

·   Mon 25/06: Year 9 & 10 Rotation Begins

Week 10:

·   Wed - Thu 4-5/07: Pasifika Fusion

Future School Dates:

·   Mon 23/07: Term 3 Begins

·   Tues 18/09: EDGE Exams (Y11-13 Trial Exams)

·   Fri 28/09: Term 3 Ends

·   Mon 15/10: Term 4 Begins

·   Fri 12/12: Term 4 Ends

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NCEA Corner
A reminder to all caregivers that Financial Assistance Forms are available to assist with payments for NZQA fees. You can apply if:
  • You are receiving a Work and Income or Study Link benefit
  • If you have a Community Services Card
  • You have two or more children who are NCEA candidates and your total fee would be more than $200
  • You are not receiving a benefit or do not have a community card but have a joint family income where you potentially receive a Community Services Card.
Link - Financial Assistance Form

You can also access more information about the forms here.

Please feel free to contact the school regarding any questions you may have about this. 

Accessing your Child’s Portal

Teachers have written up comments regarding particular assessments that your child has completed. In order to access these comments, you will need to login to the LAC portal.

Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in as your child (e.g. Freddie Mercury = freddiem). Put in the password that has been emailed to you.
  3. Go to the ‘Results’ tab
  4. Go to ‘Current Year Results’
  5. Scroll down and view your child’s results.

Please note that as we are at the start of Term 2, there will not be too many results uploaded yet. In the portal, you can also access areas like attendance, NCEA summaries, notices and awards. This is also a good way to keep up with your child’s academic progress and the credits they have gained so far. All caregivers have been emailed your child’s login and a password for you to use.

Mrs Aiono, Assistant Principal

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Music Department

Congratulations to Fina Ma'u for gaining her Grade 5 Piano Examination certifacte through Trinity College London

Film link
Short Film Award
Over the holidays, three of our Junior School students, Angelina, Addira and Chayille worked together and entered a short film on the environment to the Reel Earth Film Festival. The girls received an award for their creativity and message. They were the youngest candidates to be presented with the "Jane Goodall Special Award" by the Mayor and Councillors. The girls were also recognised for their effort with certificates and other prizes. We are so proud of them and are very blessed to have them at LAC with their special skills and talents.
Watch the video here. Password: AAC
Chaplain's Corner

Christian Religious Education

On Friday May 4, ten senior students went to Kairanga Primary School to be introduced to staff and students before beginning teaching in five of the classrooms on May 11. Kairanga is a state school six kilometres from LAC and has a board that supports the values and principles of CRE.

Students teach a 30 minute value based lesson using Bible stories as the medium. They have the classroom teacher in the room and students are working in pairs.

This year our students are, Jotham Tessese, Naomi Jaboon, Abbey Smith, Nathan Mudford, Grace George, Merische Piernaar, Kiata Mori (all year 13) as well as Rachel Jaboon and Sophie Piggott (both year 12).

Students will be teaching during Term two and three.

Week of Worship - “INSURGENTS”

Carina Kross-Nelson

Our first WOW (Week of Worship) starts on May 21 in the chapel at LAC. Students are already gearing themselves in preparation for this highlight on the school calendar. Our guest speaker is Caitlin Kross-Nelson from Australia.

Caitlin is currently working to complete her university studies and has graciously taken some time out for LAC. She recently married and comes highly recommended as a youth speaker. Her presentations will link closely with our PB4L expectations as she uses the life of Joseph as her character point of reference.

This is going to be an exciting week and I am praying that you will support us in prayer for the changes that God wants to make in the lives of our precious young people.

Rest in Peace Ms Little

Ms Jude Little

It was with great sadness that LAC hosted the funeral for a wonderful person, a great friend and superb teacher, Ms Jude Little on Tuesday April 24. Ms Little had been teaching Social Sciences for 18 years at LAC. She was a professional person in every aspect of her teaching.

She loved her students and demanded high standards of achievement and personal standards from them. In response her students respected and loved her and gave her what she “demanded”. She said she came to school to teach students not curriculum.

Her health had gradually declined over the last couple of years. In term one this year, even though it required great effort for her to move and teach, such was her love for her students and the desire she had for them to succeed, she kept coming to school until she was physically unable to do so.

Her favourite text that is a reminder to us all about taking time for ourselves and God amidst the craziness of life is found in Psalm 34:8 – “Be still and know that I am God.”

Her love of teaching and her personal demonstration of living a principled life will remain in the memories of all who knew her. She will be deeply missed.

Mr Kevin Gredig, School Chaplain

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Term 2 Sports @ LAC
After school - Intermediate Netball & Badminton

Lunchtime - Inter-house Futsal (Gym)
After School - Boys' Football & Girls' Hockey

Lunchtime - Inter-house Futsal (Gym)
After School - Girls' Football, Snooker (Pool4School) & Intermediate Basketball

Lunchtime - Table Tennis (Caf/Lounge)

After School - Basketball & Indoor Netball

Girls' Hockey

LAC Hockey May 2018

"Tuesday, 8 May proved to be an exciting evening with our girls' hockey team winning 5-2 with no substitutes. Despite having lost a number of senior players this year, we are delighted to be creating a new team. What a great start to our season!" - Mrs Paki

Community Volunteers Needed to Assist in Term 2:


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