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This year’s event will be held on Wednesday 28 July.

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“All that I have learnt at LAC over the last (almost) seven years has shaped me into who I am today. I am extremely grateful to have spent such important years of my life here and I would not change a thing!”

Macy Paki,  Head Girl 2020

“LAC provides a good education which is the foundation for a better future. LAC molded and improved my attitudes and attributes, becoming a better person that I can be a role model like Christ.” 

Sachi Hermoso, Head Boy 2020

LAC is a PB4L School

PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) is a school-wide approach where values and achievements are regularly celebrated.

PB4L is a Ministry of Education Initiative –

All School

Assistant Principal Vacancy

Assistant Principal, tagged position. 3 MU’s and 1 SMA. We are looking for a leader of learning who is able to take on the role of Timetabling and Principal’s Nominee at

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