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Sport CoordinatorTo find out what sports are available, please contact LAC's Sports Coordinator, Mr Wynn Llena:

Winter Sports Information

Games Schedule

Badminton HS | 3:30pm to 5:15pm |CET Arena |Mr LlenaFootball U17 Boys | 4pm to later | Home and Away | Drivers/Supervisor Needed for Away Games OnlyFootball HS Girls | 4pm to later | Home and Away | Drivers/Supervisor Needed for Away Games Only Transport: Mrs King (PN games),Hockey HS Girls | 4pm onwards | HMI Turf | Mrs King + Mrs PakiBasketball HS | 4pm to 5pm | CET Arena | 2 Teams | Mr Ngarepa + Shiloh Dyer | Drivers Needed | Alternative (Public School Bus) | Transport: Mrs Bain, Wynn
Netball Intermediate | 4pm to 7pm |Vautier Park |Mrs Korte |Driver: Mr LlenaNetball HS | 4pm to later | Home and Away |Drivers NeededBasketball Int | 4pm or Later | CET Arena | 2 Teams | Mr & Mrs Ngarepa | Drivers Needed for Games starting no later than 4pm
Hockey Boys (LAC/CCS/FHS) Composite | 4pm onwards | HMI Turf | CCS Coach

Training Schedule

Basketball Div 1 | 3:30pm to 5:30pm |LAC Gym | Shiloh DyerNetball Intermediate |1:30pm - 2:15pm | LAC Gym | Mrs KorteBasketball Int | 3:15pm to 5pm |LAC Gym |Mr & Mrs NgarepaHockey HS Girls | 7am to 8.15am | HMI Turf | Mrs KingBadminton HS | 11am to 12pm |LAC Gym | Mr LlenaBadminton HS | 3pm to 5pm |LAC Gym | Mr Llena
Volleyball HS | 2pm to 3:30pm |LAC Gym |Shiloh DyerRugby |3:30pm to 5pm |LAC Field |Mr AmoahHockey Boys (LAC/CCS/FHS) Composite | 4pm to 5.30pm | Freyberg High School turf | CCS CoachRugby | 3:30pm to 5pm | LAC Field | Mr AmoahFootball U17 Boys | 2:30pm to 3:30pm |LAC Field |Mr Souza
Football HS Girls | 2.20 to 3.30 pm | LAC Field | Apia, Tino, and BryanBasketball | 3:30pm to 5:30pm | LAC Gym | Shiloh DyerNetball HS | 2:15pm to 3:15pm | LAC Gym | Caitlin Morrison

Aureum Sports Awards 2020

The Aureum Sports Awards is where we celebrate our accomplished LAC athletes and all the amazing volunteers—students, staff and from the community—who help make sport possible at LAC. This year

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