Aureum Sports Awards 2020

The Aureum Sports Awards is where we celebrate our accomplished LAC athletes and all the amazing volunteers—students, staff and from the community—who help make sport possible at LAC. This year our guest speaker was Miles Pearce. Coach Miles is a former Tall Black basketball player who now coaches the Junior Tall Blacks and is the founder and head coach of True Hoops. Coach Miles shared with us a bit about his journey from player to coach, and some inspirational stories and advice for our young athletes. Standing at 6’9”, he was also in hot demand for photos afterwards! Congratulations to all the students who were acknowledged during the course of the evening. 

Most Improved Players

Badminton: Musashi Nakao, Anna Carey (who also received the award for Badminton Manawatu 2020 Secondary School Shuttle Time Competition’s Most Improved Girl)

Basketball: Jesse Barber, Iakopo Pulega, Jacob Malaquin, Ben Raitaci

Football: Priyanka Tikari, Wei Xi

Futsal: Charles Padilla

Hockey: Grace Bismark, Angelina Cariga & Piper Fuller

Netball: Jorgina Field & Harmony Ngarepa, Bonnie Aydon-Nimmo

Rugby Sevens: Tagilima Pulega

Rugby Union: Leisana Kingi

Touch Rugby: Maizie Clarke

Volleyball: Gwen Kapao, Joyce Maliou, Pea Pulega, Ethan Daniels 

Most Improved Players

All Round Legends

Badminton: Phoenix Dyer, Wei Xi

Basketball: Malakai Booth

Football: Daphnne Piiti, Liam Blakeborough

Futsal: Hunter Ward

Hockey: Daphne Piiti, Liam Blakeborough

Netball: Emma Brothwell (received for both Intermediate Mixed team & U15 Girls team)

Rugby Sevens: Eliud Ganaii

Rugby Union: Pea Pulega

Volleyball: Charm Nakono, Jessica Hiri, Eliud Ganaii

All Round Legends

Most Valuable Players

Badminton: NN Miado, Musashi Nakao

Basketball: Journey Nakono, Moe Sekona, Titus O’Donnell, Eliud Ganaii

Football: Alevya Skerrett, Tino Mutsaka

Futsal: Tino Mutsaka

Hockey: Juan Saunders, Macy Paki

Netball: Ofa Patuwai, Emma Brothwell

Rugby Sevens: Titus O’Donnell

Rugby Union: Tra’est Mafile’o & Charm Nakono

Touch Rugby: Jacob Malaquin, Jaime Malaquin

Volleyball: Iakopo Pulega, Pea Pulega, Daphnne Piiti, Connor Azevedo-Leader

Most Valuable Players

Athletics Cup: Alevya Skerrett & Titus O’Donnell

Cross Country Trophy: Elizabeth Martin & Titus O’Donnell

Swimming Cup: Gabriella van Wyk & Lucas Talamaivao

Troy Ferreira Memorial Award for Sports Team of the Year: Hockey Girls 

Sports Team of the Year Girls’ Hockey

Sport Manawatu Sportsmanship Cup: 

Finalists: Liam Blakeborough, Emma Brothwell, Eliud Ganaii, Jessica Hiri & Wei Xi

Winner: Eliud Ganaii

King Family Sports Leadership Cup: 

Finalists: Eliud Ganaii, Apia Kaukare Yawha, Bryan Mhonde, Macy Paki & Daphnne Piiti

Winner: Macy Paki

Sportsperson of the Year:

Finalists: Eliud Ganaii, Titus O’Donnell, Macy Paki, Daphnne Piiti & Alevya Skerrett 

Winner: Daphnne Piiti