ANZAC Day 2017

School prefects, Chalcedony Gali, Nicholas Hoa and Liam Beals, represented LAC at today’s Civil Service ANZAC parade held at the Cenotaph in The Square, Palmerston North.

“Witnessing the commemoration of one of New Zealand’s defining moment in History was an extraordinary experience. As privileged as I am as a prefect, I was delighted to represent Longburn Adventist College at the ANZAC service in Palmerston North City Square. I was joined by two of our prefects, Chalcedony Gali and Liam Beals.  It was a memorable event.

I see the Gallipoli Campaign as one with an enormous significance to New Zealand. This is why; during the 19th century and early 20th century, New Zealand relied heavily on Britain for support in governing. Thus making it feel as if it was still a colony. However, after New Zealand fought under Britain command in the war, New Zealand changed. The young country was brought onto the world stage, hence making New Zealand sovereign and confident in its involvement in global issues.   

There was also inspiring speeches during the service. An aspect I noticed during one of the speeches from a guest speaker, he mentioned, “we’re here today not only to commemorate the lives lost during the Gallipoli Campaign but also in other wars”. I believed he was referring to the Second World War and post-Second World Wars like The Middle East and The Cold War which led to New Zealand involvement in Korea, Vietnam, Malaya and Borneo. I was personally moved when I saw hundreds gathered to honour the legacy of the brave soldiers who gave up their lives for their country.

We can acknowledge the fact that New Zealand Was involved in quite a number of wars. I think these were great commitments to keep global peace. But, as Bible prophecy states in Matthew 24; the world will slowly crumbling with warfare, famine and earthquakes. All these things take us one step closer to Christ’s return.” 

Nicholas Hoa, 2017 Head Prefect

Can you help provide a safe pathway to LAC?

Update: Thank you to everyone to submitted to the Palmerston North Council. We will share news on the what’s happening with the pathway project as we hear it. (24 April, 2017).

Dear LAC Community

There is an opportunity to get Palmerston North Council to build a path along Walkers Road.

After the successful completion of the Longburn shared pathway, it has become even more evident that there is a need for a safe route for students of LAC and residents of Walkers Road.

As can be seen in the photo, there is currently not a safe space for cyclists or pedestrians to travel when large vehicles regularly commute along Walkers Road.

Pedestrians and cyclists often have to walk on the grass verge and avoid the narrow bridge near the entrance to Walkers Road.

LAC would like to encourage local students to make the most of the Longburn shared pathway and cycle to school, but this can’t be done without a pathway along Walkers Road.

For this to happen, we need as many submissions as possible to be sent to the Council to push this project forward.

If you can spare some time to help, please use the link below to submit an online application.

PNCC Submissions Due by Tuesday, April 18

Online form:

For more information, you can visit the PNCC website:

LAC Buses passing each other on Walkers Road.

Volleyball Nationals 2017

“Our Senior Girls volleyball team has just finished a week competing in the Secondary School Volleyball Nationals here in Palmerston North. This year there were 92 girls’ teams, and 76 boys’ teams entered into the tournament. Going in, our girl’s team was placed into Division 5/6. 
Two wins in the first day’s grading pool games saw us into Division 5. The team played hard all week, experiencing many highs and unfortunately some lows too. We finished the week with 4 wins and 4 losses, coming 12th in Division 5. The girls’ learnt some valuable lessons, all while having a fun time and playing the game they love.
Big thank you to our coach Mosese Ma’u and our team mums, Rachel Paki and Juliana Paul for your time, passion and help in keeping me sane. Thank you to our families and the LAC staff for all the support both in person and by email. 
Lastly, thank you to the team. You girls keep me young and age me both at the same time. I love the dancing, the singing (most of the time), and the great friendships. Looking forward to Nats 2018!”
Bex King, Librarian & Te Kura Coordinator

Top photo from left to right: (backrow) Daphnne Piiti, Sisi Panikoula, Epenesa-Michelle Elia & Tianah Lauesi (front row) Yasmin Ahmad, Puna Suai, Josephine Ma’u, Torika Warren-Peu, Tia-Rhiena Martin Upton.
Team members not in photo: Monique Koolaard, Danielle Matenga & Ellie van Oostveen