Bible Scholarship for Lexi!

Religious Studies Scholarship has only recently been an additional string to the LAC Religious Studies Learning area’s bow. In June 2018, LAC put in an application for NZQA to consider adding Religious Studies as a scholarship subject and after 18 months, this was finally approved. 2020 was officially the first year for Religious Studies scholarship to be offered in schools nationwide. LAC’s Bible Learning Area is very proud to have one of our Senior students, Lexi Rutherford-Blyth prepare for and sit the Scholarship NCEA exams for Religious Studies last December. The months-long preparation was rigorous and involved, as she read over countless articles and wrote samples on the topic of Religious Diversity in New Zealand. The process of preparation alone for these prestigious exams requires a strong work ethic, great focus and time management skills. This is a feat that is commendable in itself however, when the results were released, it was with great joy that we saw Lexi had passed the exams. Congratulations to Lexi on being the first at LAC, and hopefully not the last, to earn Scholarship in Religious Studies! Continue working hard and enjoying all that God has in store for you.