Invictus Wellbeing Programme

Invictus Wellbeing Programme

Today’s adolescents are growing up in a world vastly different to that of any generation that has preceded them. Life in contemporary New Zealand and greater Australasia features “cultural pluralism, increased anxiety about personal and environmental risks, precarious employment, rampant consumerism, the information deluge, greater individualisation and increased instability in families” (Hughes, 2007). It is within this societal context that we are aiming to facilitate the journey of our students toward resilient adulthood.

The Year 9 & 10 Invictus Programme is designed to equip students with a skill set that allows them to maintain a sense of positive wellbeing in the face of life’s challenges. The programme is built upon a strong theoretical framework, which takes advantage of Dr Martin Seligman’s seminal work in positive psychology by engaging students in a four-stage journey towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

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Integral to this experience is the kayaking and tramping expedition. In 2018 students kayaked in Abel Tasman National Park.

Interview with the creator of the Invictus Wellbeing Programme on ABC Radio.

Duration: 12min 38sec