Year 7&8 News

Hygiene & Puberty for Year 7&8 Students

Matua Dee and Safinati

The Year 7&8 students have recently completed a very successful unit all about puberty. Students were reminded how to keep themselves clean, what pubertal changes to expect (including the social and emotional changes) and got the rundown about the new hygiene routines needed to manage the expected body changes. Matua Dee showed us how to shave and Safinati got to have a turn ‘shaving’ (with no blade) too!  This is a great time to talk to your kids about all things puberty!  We have encouraged them to talk to you, but it is often easier for you to raise the topic.  ‘Growing Up By The Book’ by Patricia Weerakoon is a great book to read with your tween.

Passion Project Presentations

Last term each student completed a presentation to the whole Year 7&8 department, something they are passionate about. It was fascinating learning about each other and seeing such a variation in the things we are all interested in.

Puppy Love

Everyone seems to be getting new baby pug’s at the moment!  We have been lucky enough to have some cuddles with them from time to time! This has been especially therapeutic for our junior boarding students who miss their pets at home. 

Serving In Our Community

Year 7&8 students have a major unit focus of Service at the moment. Guest speakers have been coming in to share about their mission trips. We have been looking at different types of service in our community and how we can use our God-given gifts and talents to serve others.

Planning Our New Playground

One of the Maths classes has been working towards creating a proposal for the Board of Trustees for a new playground at LAC.  We are surveying our stakeholders, finding funding, budgeting, and strategic planning. We have learnt a lot already, but still have a way to go with this project.

If any parents are interested in getting involved, have connections in the community or could give us some planning help, we would greatly appreciate it.