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Special Character Education

LAC’s Special Character is what distinguishes Adventist Schools from other schools.

We are purposely Christian; upholding the faith, values and lifestyle of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Being a school of Special Character does not mean that we merely conduct worships and run Bible classes, rather, our Special Character reflects who we are and what we stand for.

Our Special Character permeates our curriculum, influences our policies and procedures, and can be seen in the every-day interactions between our staff and our students.

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)

Longburn Adventist College is a PB4L school:

“The purpose of LAC’school-wide behaviour plan is to enhance education, encouraging and empowering students to grow both personally and spiritually.”

Lead with Integrity

1. Develop into good men and women, people of strong character

2. Develop their connection with God, and consequently their identity as sons and daughters of God

3. Develop a clear and positive worldview that provides meaning and life purpose

Act with Respect

4. Develop the commitment to serve others, to contribute to the community, and to leave a worthwhile life legacy

5. Develop the self-motivation to learn, to accomplish worthwhile goals, to achieve and succeed

6. Develop the ability to relate well to family, friends, future spouse and others through developing social and emotional relationship skills

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7. Develop the ability to empower others to succeed, and to receive empowerment from others

8. Develop and maintain good health and a balanced lifestyle

9. Develop practical life skill sets such as those involved in running a household, being a good employee, being a leader, personal organization, parenting and decision-making.

The ASPIRE programme is designed to intentionally teach the values that we, as Christians, hold dear.

One vital aspect of ASPIRE is to provide students with the opportunity, the inspiration and the determination to reach the potential God intended for them. Through stories, instruction, mentoring, coming into contact with inspirational people and providing students with a time to reflect, it is our intention to give our students a vision of what they can become and the determination to pursue that vision.