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The home of opportunity...

Longburn Adventist College (LAC) is a Christian school with Christian family values.
We provide a comprehensive programme for Year 7 to 13 within an integrated co-educational day and boarding school setting.
LAC is set in mature, park-like grounds only 7km from the centre of Palmerston North, NZ. Its peaceful environment is part of the established vision of the school, its purpose and its identity.

"In Christ, we educate, encourage and empower"

Welcome to Longburn Adventist College (LAC)

Over the last 109 years, LAC has been more than simply a place to learn. It is, rather, the home of opportunity; a place where young people grow as part of an extended family, considering what is truly important so as to prepare them for a future of fulfilment.

LAC has high expectations and develops strong relationships. Academic success and being of good character are considered the goal for each of our students.  As we are preparing our students for the future, we do so with a view to values that are timeless. What prepares each of us for the unknown is the surety we have in what does not change. The fact that each of us is important, has a purpose and is created to prosper.

We celebrate in a school environment that accepts each person and their story. Not just accepting where they are, but rather where they might go. The well-being of each student coincides with results, academic or otherwise. In an age where it seems that low self-worth is the norm, LAC is clearly committed to encouraging, educating and empowering its students in a context of people recognising their true value.

LAC has close ties with a wide range of church organisations, businesses and our community of parents both past and present. That community covers all of New Zealand, extends through the South Pacific and across the world. Our chapel displays the flags of many nations that represent both students and staff. We are a truly diverse and unique extended whanau, extended family.

The school continues to develop and refurbish with the cafeteria, hospitality suite, technology infrastructure, gymnasium and boarding facilities all either completed projects or currently under way.

Our success in academic, spiritual, sporting and cultural fields is due to a desire to celebrate gifts and talents that each of us has been given. The staff of Longburn Adventist College share in a vision of standing alongside our students, being a part of their success while identifying the next steps forward. Young people are supported to attain high standards of performance and character.

Brendan van Oostveen, Principal

*For residents of New Zealand,  Australia, Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau

Education based on Christian values


“…serve one another humbly in love.”

Galatians 5:13 NIV

Students may have the opportunity to travel away on service trips. In the past successful trips have been held to such places as Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, etc. Service activities include Building, Maintenance, running Bible Schools and various outreach opportunities. In 2010, students went to Solomon Islands. Fundraising for such trips is sometimes involved.

In July 2016 a group of 19 travelled to Vanuatu to assist with a latrine building project organised by ADRA NZ (Adventist Development Relief Agency).

More information on the last mission trip to Vanuatu can be found here: Community Newsletter 24 August 2016

An integral part of the school’s philosophy is played out through worship. At the beginning of each day, all staff meet before classes start for a staff member led devotional time. The Chaplain leads in worship each Monday morning, the topic being related to ‘The Value of the Fortnight.’ Roll mark teachers also lead their classes at the beginning of each day. Currently two lunch breaks are used for Bible study for interested students.

Generally every alternate Thursday the first hour is set aside for a school-wide assembly/chapel time. This time may be deliberately spiritually focused and will include guest speakers and performing arts items. At other times it may be more of a school assembly style, during which time the Chaplain will present a “life-style” talk. Students participate in many ways including special items and leading out in the Praise and Worship.

Two fantastic times of the year to which both students and staff look forward are our ‘Spiritual Emphasis Weeks’ commonly known as the ‘Week of Worship’. The first one, usually in term one and organised by the Chaplain, is a time in which a guest speaker is brought into the college for a week and a particular theme is pursued.

Each morning of these two weeks, the first period is devoted to these unique times.The purpose of these weeks is to give students the opportunity to be led closer to God in their relationship – and in many instances resulting in students committing their life to God.

The programme is supported by prayer, the school’s own praise and worship band, personal testimonies and a follow-up with students who want further study of God’s word. The second programme, usually in term three, is run entirely by the students under the Chaplain’s guidance; it follows a similar format as the first, but students do all the speaking and running of the programme. Amazing times! These two weeks are a spiritual highlight of the college, and a number of students commit their life to Christ during this time.

LAC Week of Worship, May 2016

Videos and more details from the past Weeks of Worship can be found here:

“As a chaplain I have the privilege of connecting with students and families during times of need and celebrations. It is fantastic to be able to get close to students, to have them share openly and confidentially, and be able to help them move to a more positive position. My role works in harmony with the school youth worker and management, and one of the benefits of being chaplain on site is being here when the students need me. Chaplaincy involves listening, sharing hope, and praying with students. So cool!

Chaplaincy also involves actively promoting positive Christian values such as: Service, Integrity, Reliability, Trust, Determination and Resilience, amongst many others. Each fortnight students and staff, through worship time during roll mark, promote and discuss the practical as well as the theoretical aspects to these values. I even get to spend one evening a week connecting with the Boarders in an evening worship time.

Chaplaincy – the best position in the college! I love it.”

Kevin Gredig, LAC School Chaplain

Our Year 13 students have opportunity to share the gospel in State Primary schools by helping out in the Christian Religious Education programme. Each week pairs of students go into a classroom and share Christian stories.

The students develop the lesson and provide a programme each week. Our students love going, and the staff and kids at these schools love our students coming. Plans are being made for our students to go into other schools in the future.


We Care

In caring schools, a critical connection has been made between students’ academic achievement and their need to feel safe, accepted, and valued. Longburn Adventist College recognises the need to provide an emotionally safe environment for students. This is attained through a variety of strategies, including bullying prevention, staff modelling of care and respect, school structures and routines, high expectations of student behaviour, and making sure that every student feels known and valued by all the adults in the school.

The curriculum at LAC is organised around the Learning Areas identified in the New Zealand Curriculum: English, the Arts, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics and Statistics, Science, the Social Sciences and Technology, and the school’s special character subject – Bible. Through these subjects the school weaves relevant values and key competencies.

LAC’s attitude towards students and their learning is:

  • All students are to be seen as individuals (we really want to know each person) and we will not give up on any one of them.
  • All students will engage in the learning process and will achieve.


Health and Physical Education is a subject that is designed to develop the whole person. It is more than learning how to play some games and having a break from the classroom. PE is about giving you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in the area of health and physical activity so that you can take control of certain aspects of your development now and for the rest of your life. It is also hoped that your learning and experiences will be shared with others.

PE looks at developing the whole person: socially, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Year 9 and 10 PE is compulsory and focuses specifically on developing the skills and game understanding of a wide range of sports from basketball to tennis to hockey.
  • From Year 11, Physical Education becomes optional and the sports that we do are used to teach theory. The theory you learn will help your performance in sports – there are also trips including visiting and working out at local gyms and the Year 13 PE snow trip.

Within the Physical Education courses we want our students to:

  • Establish a lifelong interest in physical activity
  • Develop physical skills and a ‘games sense’ which will help performance in sports
  • Develop and apply interpersonal skills
  • Appreciate quality performance of self and others
  • Have fun

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