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“Longburn Adventist College has a rich history since it was first established in 1908 in Pukekura and then moved to Walkers Road, Longburn where we have recently celebrated our 104th Graduation.

For the last 19 years, LAC has been collecting its history, and the biggest project has been the Alumni database.

Our goal is to collect the names of every student who has attended college. There are currently over 6000 names on the database, and over 1000 of these have both postal and email addresses.

The Archive department is set up to acknowledge the experiences and successes of LAC alumni, either during their time here or after leaving Longburn. We want to connect with our past, preserve LAC’s identity and help the College continue its mission to educate for eternity.

We aim to send out updates of the school’s activities and hopefully collect more of our Alumni’s stories to help inspire our current students.

If you have attended LAC or just want to keep up to date with LAC’s alumni, please register here.

Also please feel free to contact LAC to arrange a tour of the campus and to see the Archives. You’re welcome to view photos of staff, school groups and graduates took over the years, and many of the people in these pictures have been identified.”

Sheila McNabb, Archive Department

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