For non-domestic students, please use International Enrolment.

Residents of Australia, Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau are regarded as domestic students.

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Principal's AssistantFor any questions regarding enrolment, please contact our Principal's Assistant, Lynette Strauss: info@lac.school.nz

Enrolment Procedure

Step 1: Download then complete and return the LAC Application Pack.

Step 2: School completes Preference Enrolment* process and notifies families of decisions made.

Step 3: Once accepted, you will receive an ‘acceptance letter’ and a ‘commitment to pay attendance due’ form.

All documentation is to be sent to:

Post: PO Box 14001, Longburn, 4866, New Zealand

Email: info@lac.school.nz

*What is Preferenced Enrolment?

As a state-integrated school, Longburn Adventist College has a ‘Preference of Enrolment’. The College, in its Integration Agreement with the Government, has two categories of enrolment; Preference and Non-Preference.

Preferential status is assessed by the school chaplain using the proprietor’s preference determination process. Preferenced enrolment is given to those students whose parents have established a particular or general connection with the Special Character of the school.

LAC has a limited number of places for non-preference students. Non-preference places are allocated in line with the school’s enrolment policy.

For more detail on this procedure, please view LAC’s Enrolment Statement (link).

Application Pack

The LAC Application Pack is split into 4 sections as detailed below.

A: Student Application Form

To be completed by the student’s legal caregiver.

B: Academic Pre-Enrolment Form

Please detach these pages. To be completed by the applicant’s current school and returned by the referee directly to LAC.

C: Digital Integrity Agreement

All students and caregivers are expected to read this document.

Please sign an acceptance to this agreement in the application form.