Bus Routes & Times

Bus Routes & Times

Longburn Adventist College has six local buses that service it: 4 Palmerston North buses and 2 country buses.

Palmerston North Bus Routes

Drop off point in the afternoon is closest to the morning bus stop, which will be on the opposite side of the road.

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Approximate departure time from origin (A): Bus #1 at 8:15am, Bus #2 at 8:00am, Bus #3 at 8:15am.
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Download pdf copy of each bus routes below for more information.

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If you would like help/advice on bus information to LAC, please contact our Bus Monitor, Ros Burnett: principal@lac.school.nz

Levin Bus Information

STEP ONE – Apply for a conveyance allowance

The conveyance allowance gives you a maximum of $4.70 per child per day. The maximum is paid for any student 13km away from the school bus stop (Kingston Road).
Apply as soon as possible as payment cannot be backdated. It is paid in arrears and is only paid for those days your child attends school (if they are sick and stay home from school you don’t get paid for that day).

The fill this form out correctly you will need to know that:

  1. Your nearest school is Longburn Adventist College (because of its special character)
  2. Your nearest school bus stop is 1 Kingston Rd, Shannon (use Google Maps to get the km detail needed from your home)
  3. There are no suitable public transport stops to LAC

For example, this will give you a possible $235 per child for a $ 10-week term deposited in your bank account by the Ministry of Education.


Option 1 – Drop your children off at Kingston Rd, Shannon, this can be a great option if you have time to drive, are close enough to Shannon or you’re able to carpool. The bus leaves Shannon in the morning at 7.45 am and arrives back to Kingston Rd at 4.15 pm.

Option 2 – Use the PNBHS and PNGHS UzaBus school bus.  Uz-a-bus supplies the service.  Contact Madge Coachlines (06 356 4896) or Uzabus.  A term pass costs $600.  You can apply for a conveyance allowance which will subsidise up to $4.70 per child per day.  

This bus leaves the Library, Bath St. in Levin at 7.30 am. Other stops are McDonald Rd, Ihakara Hall and Heights Rd (all on State Highway 57). When arranged the bus will drop students off at LAC and pick them up in the afternoon.

Feilding Bus Route and Cost Details

Fielding to Palmerston North Bus

Students will need to transfer at the hospital bus stop on Tremaine Ave in order to be picked up by LAC's “Bus 2” at 8.25 am.
Manchester SquareManchester Street SchoolFeilding High SchoolCountdownRailway StationBunnythorpePN AirportPN Hospital
6:45 am6:50 am6:54 am6:58 am7:00 am7:06 am7.13 am7.20 am
7:25 am7:30 am7:34 am7:38 am7:40 am7:46 am-8.00 am
7:45 am7:50 am7:49 am7:58 am8:00 am8.11 am-8:25 am

More information on this bus route can be found on the Horizons website http://www.horizons.govt.nz/buses-transport/bus-routes-transport/feilding-palmerstonnorth

Palmerston North to Feilding Bus

LAC's “Bus 2” will drop students off at a stop opposite the hospital to catch the 3:50 pm bus to Feilding. Buses leave school at about 3.23 pm.
Main St TerminalPN HospitalPN AirportBunnythorpeManchester SquareManchester St SchoolFeilding High SchoolCountdownRailway Station
3:35 pm3:50pm*-3:59 pm4:00 pm4:05 pm4:09 pm4:16 pm4:25 pm
4:30 pm4:38 pm4:43 pm4:54 pm5:05 pm5:10 pm5:13 pm5:19 pm5:25 pm
5:05 pm5:13 pm5:18 pm5:30 pm5:40 pm5:45 pm5:49 pm5:53 pm6:00 pm

For students travelling between Palmerston North and Feilding there are two prices:

  • GoCard Fares are $2.50 each way so $5.00 return
  • Cash Fares are $3.50 each way so $7.00 return

Fares within Feilding or just to Bunnythorpe are less than this and can be found in the Feilding timetable. 

GoCards have an initial cost of $12 for the card and will come with $5.00 worth of travel pre-loaded. While they have an initial cost they will save money over time and with continued use.