International Fees

International Fees

For Australian, Cook Island, Niue & Tokelau residents, international fees do not apply.

Please apply through Domestic Enrolment.

South Pacific Countries
(SPC) Discount Policy

This policy has been established in an effort to provide assistance to international Seventh-day Adventist students who come from the South Pacific, who would otherwise not be able to afford the LAC Education experience.

This policy applies to all international Seventh-day Adventist students who come from the South Pacific Countries.

The discount amount is NZ$5,000* per annum, depending on Year level and whether they receive a sibling discount.

*updated 10/11/2015

Additional Fees

Visa Fees:

Each visa application that requires LAC to process will be charged an NZ$150† administration fee.

If you choose to apply for a student visa yourself, then there will be no charge.

For more information on student visas, visit:

Please contact Mr Francis Aiono if you have any questions:

Transit/Holiday Visa Fees:

The Australian visitor visa application processing fee is NZ$200.

†updated 4/05/2017[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]

Airport Transfers:

Airport transfer guide service fee between Auckland International & Auckland Domestic Airport is NZ$150.

Transportation for your son/daughter from Palmerston North to Wellington airport or vice-versa will cost a fee as this is a two hour journey, one way.

If they are able to fly to Palmerston North airport then there is no charge for pickup/drop-offs.

Wellington Airport Pickup/Drop off Rates:

  • 1 passenger = NZ$120 (Please note that this is less than the cost of travel)
  • 2 passengers = NZ$95 each
  • 3 passengers = NZ$64 each
  • 4 passengers = NZ$47.50
  • 5 to 10 passengers = Cost divided evenly


All International students at LAC are covered by the Southern Cross International Student Travel Insurance policy:

In New Zealand, everyone is covered for accidents under the no-fault scheme called ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation).

If your accident claim has been approved, then ACC will cover the cost of consultation, treatment, operation and MRI. There will be a surcharge that needs to paid by the international parent/caregiver. The amount of surcharge varies depending on the providers.
To read/download the policy wording, click the button below: 

Refunds Policy for International Students


There is no refund of tuition fees except in very exceptional circumstances.

1. In order to be eligible for any refund, the parent or legal guardian must apply in writing to the Board setting out the special circumstances of the claim.

2. If the withdrawal is prior to the Student coming to New Zealand the fees paid will be refunded in full minus a $500 administration fee. If the Student wishes to withdraw after arriving in New Zealand and commencing the subject, course or programme, no refund will be made except where the Student returns home due to serious illness of the Student or because of a death or serious illness of a close family member. In that event the refund will be calculated in accordance with paragraph 3.

3. Where the Student withdraws from a subject, course or programme at the School and is eligible to receive a refund, the Board may refund to the person who paid the fees in respect of the subject, course or programme any amount of the fees it thinks appropriate but any such amount will not exceed the sum of the following amounts:

a. If the student leaves during the 1st term, they will be refunded for three terms.
b. If the student stays for one term and leaves during the 2nd term, they will be refunded for two terms.
c. If the student stays for two terms and leaves during the 3rd term, they will be refunded for one term.
d. Short stay international students who have enrolled and paid for only a few weeks and leave before the end of those weeks will not receive a refund.

N.B.: No refunds will be made:

  • Where a student is excluded from the school by the Board of Trustees.
  • Where a student wishes to transfer to another school for whatever reason.
  • Where a student returns home for any reason other than the student’s serious illness or the serious illness or death of a close member of the family.
  • Where a student acquires permanent residency after having enrolled at the School.
  • A non-specific “change of mind” will not be grounds for a refund.