Year 7&8 Netball

Term 3 has kicked into action for the LAC Year 7&8 Outdoor Netball team.

Game One

After grading at the end of Term 2 we played our first competitive game in week one this term. It was a hard game against PN Intermediate Normal School. As our team has a few players away we have no subs so our players needed to play hard with no rest. LAC began the 4th Quarter down on the score sheet, but after outstanding team play, strong defence and sharpshooting by Takoha Martain-Te Whaiti and Emma Brothwell we won by 1. 17 – 16 to LAC. Amelia Gayland received the Pita Pit Player of the Day for her excellent circle defence and putting the things she learnt at training into practice on the court. Well done Amelia. 

Game Two 

Ready for their second game this term we took on Monrad Intermediate. The whole team played outstandingly – great links across the whole court in all 7 positions. We won 28 to 2!  Takoha Martain-Te Whaiti received the Pita Pit Player of the Day for her great passing and ball placement and also her shooting. 

Bring it on next week!