Girls’ Rugby

Rugby is back in full swing at LAC as the Rugby Manawatu Girls’ High School season officially began last Wednesday. The ladies (A combined team including players from LAC, Freyberg, and Taihape Area School (TAS) played against QEC Wednesday evening in their season opener. It was a hard-fought game in which the girls came out the victors in a 25-20 victory over QEC.

We prepare for and look forward to our next game, on Wednesday (29 July) against Horowhenua College.

New Rugby Jerseys

One of the major sources of excitement around LAC athletics this year is the design and development of our new LAC Rugby Jerseys. About a year in the making, a producer and design were finalised and the jerseys were ordered at the end of Term 2. It is with great anticipation that we wait for their arrival, hopefully near the end of August. The design, as voted by the player themselves, is meant to represent both the Christian and Multicultural nature of our school. Our hope is that all who wear this Jersey will reflect Christ as they represent LAC.