PB4L Reward System

At LAC staff reward students demonstrating the positive behaviours of Integrity, Respect and Resilience. This year our reward system has been changed for reasons of efficiency and reliability. We have replaced stamping diaries with Dojo points.

In week 12 of Term 2, we had our first Celebration Day for 2020. Students enjoyed pre-ordering their choices and collecting their rewards without the disappointment of items running out. The PB4L student team set up a cafe environment for students to sit down and enjoy time together. A record 65 pizzas were pre-ordered from Dominos by popular request!

Our Celebration Day was a great end of term experience and an opportunity to recognise all the positive behaviour that goes on every day. A big thank you from the teaching staff to all the students at LAC!

Mrs Faith Hignett, PB4L Team Leader

“The results of this new Celebration Day were amazing – the PB4L team managed to maintain more organisation while at the same time all the students had a fantastic time. The atmosphere was great as we had music playing and a little cafe set up so that everyone could enjoy the treats they worked hard for throughout the term. We have received a lot of positive feedback about this day and so we are very excited to implement this new method to the future Celebration Days.”

Macy Paki, Y13

“We could choose what we wanted and didn’t have to worry about what foods were running out.” 

Moe Sekona Y8

“Celebration day was better this year because of pre-ordering. The whole day was fun thanks to the teachers and the prefects.”

Emma Brothwell Y8