Year 9 Invictus Networking Camp

The Year 9 class is one term into their Invictus programme. The element they are working on this year is Networking. This element is all about recognising the importance of reliable, meaningful constructive relationships and what it takes to maintain them. It’s all about empathy. It’s all about reshaping competitive landscapes to build each other up. It’s about knowing how to surround yourself with, as well as be a positive influence.

On the 26th and 27th March the year 9 class travelled to Pohangina valley where they were able to put some of the soft skills they had developed in class this term into practice. Along with this, the students were also able to practice their camping skills such as preparing and cooking their own meals, putting up and down tents and bushwalking. These skills are an excellent practice to prepare the group for their Year 10 Abel Tasman Invictus Journey next year.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the activities; the fern bush walk, the glow worms, team building activities and lots of swimming in the river.

A big thank you to the support of the teachers who attended the trip.

Mrs Olivia Korte, Invictus Co-ordinator

“Year Nine Camp was amazing! It helped me to connect with people that I don’t normally get to talk to and to get closer to the people that I do hang out with.

We did so many exciting things that strengthened our friendships and helped us get to know each other. I personally enjoyed going to the river, we rode the rapids which hurt until we had mastered the skill of lying back and letting the river take you, this was a little harder than expected. We helped Mr Rashleigh build a dam to make the rapids faster, which actually worked. All in all, Year Nine Camp was an enjoyable, fun-filled, crazy learning experience, that will be remembered for many years to come.”

Hannah Mardon, Year 9 student