Year 7&8 Camp

This has definitely been a highlight of Term 1. The growth we saw in the students over this process was awesome. Much of that growth was done in the weeks leading up to camp as students worked in groups preparing the activities, budgeting for their meals, planning their menus and working around any issues that popped up as they found each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Resilience was developed as we dealt with various changes in the weather, wet sleeping bags and some interesting meal combinations. The staff that attended camp were impressed with the quality of the meals that groups prepared and especially enjoyed when it was our turn to be the MasterChef taster! Who would have thought you could make blueberry muffins in orange peel over an open fire?

Rachel Paki, Y7&8 Learning Leader

“On Monday the 1st of April the Year 7&8’s went on a camp called Camp Kilsby with Mrs Paki, Mrs Ngarepa, Mr Amoah, Mr Wright and Mrs Hignett. Some of the kids went in the teachers’ cars and the rest went on the LAC bus. We slept in tents and unfortunately, some of the tents ripped and leaked because it was raining and windy. We did fun things like the water slide, cooking on the open fire, roasting marshmallows and all that jazz.”

By Eva and Jodie

Camp Kilsby Waterslide – in the rain on the first day!
Camp ‘Masterchef’ Competition – each group had to present a portion to the judging panel for each meal prepared.
Evening worship with our glow sticks – around our large communal campfire.
Camp Cooking – students planned, budgeted for, and prepared four meals over their campfire.  Then they had to eat it!