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2018-05-15T10:17:24+00:00 May 15th, 2018|All School, Newsletter|

On the afternoon of Wednesday 9th May, the sun came out as always when Mrs Korte organises our events. (This despite a very pessimistic forecast from the previous week!)

We had our usual gathering of real runners who continually bless us with their speed and perseverance. Catching the eye amongst the male runners were Eiliud and Beaven Ganali, Jamie Smith, Matt Bishop, Apia Kaukare-Yawha, Titus O’Donnell (complete with superb barrel-roll over the finish line), Joseph Mudford and Caleb Neill.

Rebekah Mudford was a stand-out in the girls running, though Liz Martin would have been happy with her efforts, and Addira and Chayille Collette made it look easy as their times also impressed.

Scattered throughout the runners came various staff members, in various stages of age and fitness, but each one making honest the efforts of nearby students.

The field spread out in the orchard as some runners found their “wall”, but many chose an extra lap in the orchard to upgrade to a 5.6 km distance.

Many were capable of a brisk walk and a few Marvel superheroes found their way into the event.

Thanks, parents and whanau for your motivating support!

A marvel indeed, that so many would choose to put in efforts that bring a red-face to the end of the race. A well-deserved reward in a form of an ice-block to help with the road to recovery.

See you next year!

Mr Cornford, Science Leader of Learning