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School Newsletter - 19 March 2020
PE Adventure Camp
Principal's Comments

Psalm 9:18 (NIV)

"But God will never forget the needy;

the hope of the afflicted will never perish."

On first reading, you may think ‘needy’ refers to a need for material items, and it can be read in that context. After reading Psalm 9 I suspect however that ‘needy’ refers to those who accept their need for God’s grace. Once we accept that there is so much going on around us which is out of our control, we arrive at a conclusion that we simply need Him.

I imagine that we are all afflicted on some level if we are seeking Him. After all, the world is a sinful place and that was not His original plan, but in Him we have hope. An eternal hope because He is eternal and cannot perish.

Be encouraged that when you seek the truth, even in difficult times, it means your relationship with Him is growing.

Brendan van Oostveen, Principal

Special Events Coming Up:
  Monday 16th, 6 pm to Friday 20th March: Year 13 Camp
  Monday-Wednesday, 30th March – 1st April: Year 7 & 8 Camp
  Thursday 9th April: Term One ends
Events Suspended, Postponed or Cancelled:
  Wednesday, 18th March: Weetbix TRYathlon cancelled
  Thursday 19th March: Year 10 Social Studies excursion to Wellington cancelled
  Thursday, 19th March: World Vision excursion cancelled
  Friday 20th March: COL Year 7 & 8 Sports day at Cornerstone postponed
  Wednesday 25th March: Parent/Teacher Interviews postponed
  Monday, 30th March to Friday 3rd April: Volleyball Nationals suspended
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LAC Van Design Compeition
LAC Van Design Compeition
The new LAC van needs your help to bring it to life! We're looking for student creativity to make LAC standout in the community. LAC's theme is 'Discover Yourself' and we need your ideas on display through graphics, drawings, designs or even photos. 1st Place: $50 Plaza voucher, 2nd: $25 Plaza voucher, 3rd: $20 Plaza voucher.

Download the Design Template (PDF)

Printed A3 templates are also available from the School reception

Academic Awards

Course Endorsements

A hearty ‘Congratulations!’ to the following students for their commitment and hard work in gaining LCEA and NCEA with Merit and Excellence in 2019. It is also important to recognize that more students gained Merit endorsements in 2019 than in 2018.

Excellence Endorsements

Emma Brothwell

Jessica Carey

Eden Duker

Gwen Kapao

Harmony Ngarepa

Angelina Talamaivao

Eva Zhou

Jodie Aitken

Micah Pavarno

Charlotte Perry

Kiwi Tapaatoutai

Lucas Talamaivao

Angelina Cariga

Micah Jourdain

Hannah Mardon

NN Miado

Charles Padilla

William Brothwell

Tino Mutsaka

Liam Blakeborough

Caitlin Giddens

Jack Matata

Serena Cade

Abigail Whitbread-Edwards

Dejahna Ludwig

Jessica Hiri

Avantika John

SM Miado

Siunari’i Paiva

Lydia Pavarno

Lexi Rutherford-Blyth

Hannah Jourdain

Macy Paki

Sofia Sessa

Lily Bull

Beaven Ganaii

Amelia Tyrrell 


 Merit Endorsements

Luke Giddens

Hamish Marshall

Journey Nakono

Moe Sekona

Safinati Palavi

Grace Nomino

Alize Farouk

Maddison Shailer-Dewar

Mercedies Te Tau

O’Shay Booth

Jacob Malaquin

Stanley Panikoula

Kaiya-Grace Bennett

Kitana Boustridge

Kallie Lom

Anna Carey

Margaret Mafile’o

Daniel Nihm

Kaitlyn Taunton

Hunter Ward

Samara Ward

Matt Mata

Kalarah Lewis-Clarke

Asher Brooking

Liam Neill

Joyce Maliou

Nathan Gannaway

Leisana Kingi

Tra’est-Brelua Mafile’o 

Kieran Parker-Murrell

Elenoa Kauvaka

Michelle Madembo

Wei Xi

Kim Belisario

Glenda Maliou

Anaelle Kaukare

Gemma Brayshaw

Bryan Mhonde

Mia Paki

Molly Pokaran

Jade Posthuma

Alevya Skerrett

Christopher Tyrrell

Makayla Whitbread-Edwards

Leonardo Cariga

Bethany Carter

Christine Coralde

Chrysolite Gali

Sachi Hermoso

Elise Lankshear

Emmanuel Madembo

Elizabeth Martin

Samantha McBride

Sandra Namani

Titus O’Donnell

Daphnne Piiti

Eva Ruiz

Rowmesha Sekona
Tywana Wong

Natalia Hutchinson

Rachel Jaboon

Josephine Ma’u

Hayley Matata 

Heather Rielly

Tuivulavula Unua

Honour Awards

We would like to acknowledge, through the LAC Honours system, students for their dedication and hard work within four main categories: dedicated service to the school, sports in the wider community and other miscellaneous areas of achievement. Here is a brief outline of the criteria for these awards:

A Service Award is received if a student gains the Citizenship award in the previous year.

A Sports Award is received if a student has represented New Zealand or the Manawatu in any sporting field

A Prefect’s Award is given if a student has been selected as a prefect.

A Principal’s Award is awarded if a student has excelled in an area outside the above three mentioned areas that the teachers and principal feels they deserve recognition for.

The following students are recognized for their endeavours outside the academic arena. Thank you for putting your best foot forward in everything you do:


Macy Paki

Sachi Hermoso

Chrysolite Gali

Hannah Jourdain

Elizabeth Martin

Emmanuel Madembo

Ashah Meehan

Eva Ruiz

Rowmesha Sekona


House Captains 

Ashah Meehan

Dion Pineaha-Wade

Sachi Hermoso

Brianna Larsen

Christine Coralde

Elizabeth Martin

Apia Kaukare -Yawha

Elise Lankshear

Lyric Clarke



Emma Brothwell

Lucas Talamaivao

Angelina Cariga 

Liam Blakeborough 

Lexi Rutherford-Blyth 

Macy Paki 

Beaven Ganaii 



Lexi Rutherford-Blyth

Nikkita Cheesman

2019 Subject Endorsements

A subject endorsement is where a student gains 14 credits in an NZQA approved subject at Merit or Excellence. This is officially recognized by NZQA and at LAC, we reward students with gold and silver pins for these achievements. We continue to be proud of our students’ dedication to their learning and encourage them to strive to fulfil their personal academic goals in this way. Congratulations!

Click on an image to view/download a PDF

Level 1 Subject Endorsements
Level 1 Subject Endorsements
Level 2 Subject Endorsements
Level 2 Subject Endorsements
Level 3 Subject Endorsements
Level 3 Subject Endorsements
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