Y11&12 PE Adventure Camp

Last Thursday the Year 11 and 12 PE class went on an overnight camp in order to improve their skills for their upcoming assessments. 

Things got off to a rocky start as their wakeboarding excursion was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, meaning that they would have to continue on with their classes for the rest of Thursday. But as 3 pm rolled around, they were on their way to Foxton to set up camp at the Boys’ Brigade campsite. They spent the rest of the night setting up their tents, making their own meals, and hanging out with each other with evening worship on the theme ‘Putting on the Armour of God’.

On Friday morning they left the campsite for Porirua where they later arrived at Adrenalin Forest. Upon arrival, they were instructed on the strict safety requirements and how to use the magnetic harnesses. Once they were all set, they headed to the level of ropes, which they found a real challenge. The highest they could start at was level 3. In total, there were 7 different levels, with 7 being the hardest and highest. They spent 3 hours at Adrenalin forest experiencing things they had never done before, having fun before heading back to LAC. 

Here are some comments made by Yr 12 students who went on this trip:

 “I really enjoyed the camp and I made a lot of new friends in the short time we were there. This camp taught me to face my fears, and if others can do things, then I can as well because the fear is all in my head.”

Jade Posthuma Y12

“It was a good challenging experience, it pushed us to our limits and made us go out of our comfort zones, but it was worth it.”

Alevya Skerrett Y12

Written by Avantika John and Jessica Hiri, Yr 12