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Attendance Dues 

These are paid to the proprietors of the college and their payment is a legal prerequisite for a student to be enrolled in a state-integrated school. These Dues are used to fund capital works in the college and are paid directly to NZ SDA Schools Association.

You will be invoiced directly by the NZ SDA Schools Association for these dues.

The Attendance Dues currently are:

Year 7/8 students: $550 or $137.50 per term, updated August 2018.

Year 9-13 students: $790 or $197.50 per term, updated August 2018.

Proprietors are insisting that Dues are paid a term in advance before students can be enrolled. If there is a problem meeting these requirements, please contact Garam Kim; she can arrange for smaller regular payments to ease the burden of Attendance Dues.

Garam Kim contact details:


Tel: 0800 4 69 3837

At LAC we have been blessed with the property work completed by the proprietors and the extra teaching space they have provided over the years. They do not receive any government funding for this, so your Attendance Dues are vital to enable the proprietors to do this work for us.

Special Character Donation

This donation is invoiced, along with the Attendance Dues, by NZ SDA Schools Association. It is used to fund the Bible curriculum development and Special Character development. It qualifies for a charitable donation tax rebate. Should you choose not to pay this donation it is credited back to your account on the final invoice of the year.


  • $100 for the first student,
  • $75 for the second and
  • $50 for the third student.

Last updated: 9 September 2018

Activities Donation

This is paid directly to the college and used to fund college activities, as currently our funding from the Ministry of Education does not fully cover these. The college is extremely grateful that most parents choose to pay this donation.

This donation also funds the college magazine, ‘Hari’.

Currently: $230 (third and subsequent children are half price).

Subject Fees

For subjects where there is a ‘take home’ component or a component consumed by the student, e.g. Woodwork and Food Technology, there is a charge levied to recover these costs. The charge varies between subjects and these subject fees are advised each year to parents.

Camp and Trip Fees

Where students go on camps and class trips, a charge may be made to cover the actual cost of these trips.

Teachers will advise you in writing when these are to occur and the costs involved.