Boarding Handbook

Boarding Handbook

General Information

The students are housed in two dormitory buildings on the Longburn Adventist College Campus. The boys’ and girls’ dormitories accommodate students in double (shared) and single rooms. The dormitories contain a chapel, TV lounge, kitchenette, sick-bay, office and laundry. The cafeteria, which includes a fully equipped industrial kitchen, is located in a separate building within walking distance of the dormitories. Within the cafeteria building, is the dining room and multipurpose/lounge area.

The catering staff provide tasty, balanced, nutritious vegetarian meals and will cater for students requiring special dietary needs where possible. Students make their packed lunches at breakfast time.

Longburn Adventist College is a Seventh-day Adventist Institution, with Sabbath being observed from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. As part of Sabbath observance, all boarders are expected to attend church meetings in Palmerston North on Saturday morning and to abstain from laundry, TV and sporting activities during the Sabbath hours.

Other student facilities for the Longburn Adventist College boarders include a tennis court, basketball court, athletics ground, and access to the LAC gym and music suite. There is a covered area for storage of bicycles.

The dormitory is run on a day-to-day basis by the Head of Girls Dorm and three Assistant Girls’ Deans and the Head of Boys Dorm and two Assistant Boys’ Deans. 

One male and female dean are always available to assist the students at any time. Additional catering staff prepare the boarders’ meals.

The Boarding Director is required to regularly report to the Board of Governors.

Many outside activities are offered for Longburn Adventist College boarders, such as running, basketball, netball, tennis, football, touch rugby, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and music lessons.

Details for arrival/leave at the beginning/end of the term must be sent to the Boarding Director via email or phone at least two weeks before the travel occurs. This allows the boarding staff to arrange the pickup or drop off for your child. If required, boarding staff can assist with booking travel arrangements.

Students can apply for leave through their Boardingware account.

Students can apply for leave through their Boardingware account.

Application forms for weekend leave have to be submitted to the boarding deans by the Wednesday before the weekend they want to take leave. The Weekend Committee, which meets every Thursday, will discuss the applications submitted and grant leave as they see fit. Forms that are not correctly filled out will delay the decision of the Weekend Committee.

Each dormitory has a sick bay room where students are cared for by the dean on duty. Students with illnesses that are contagious, such as measles, chicken pox etc. will be sent home. Regular illnesses are treated at The Palms Medical Center in Palmerston North where LAC House has an account.

Parents/caregivers and prospective students are welcome to make an appointment with the marketing and boarding staff to view the dormitory prior to enrolment.

Parents/caregivers can also create a Boardingware account to apply for leave and monitor activities for their child.

Local calls may be made from coin-operated telephones that are available in each dormitory. It is recommended that students get a Home 0800 number or a Telecom or Clear charge card for toll calls.

Each student has to apply for permission to have a mobile phone, which can only be used at designated times outside of school hours

At all other times mobile phones, laptops & tablets will be looked after by the boarding deans.

Below is a basic ‘What to bring’ list for new boarders. For more details, please download our LAC House Handbook.

• BEDDING (e.g. duvet and covers, sheets, pillow and pillowslips)
A sleeping bag is optional.
An electric blanket is advisable for the colder months.
You may purchase extra bedding at our local retail stores (e.g. K-Mart, Warehouse) if required.

Personal products, e.g. bath soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary products (girls).

Washing powder, clothes pegs, laundry basket.

e.g. family photos, room clock.

Casual and church wear (all named).

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Business ManagerFor any questions relating to boarding at LAC, please contact or Boarding Director, Maria Henry:

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