Bus Routes & Times

Longburn Adventist College has six local buses that service it: 4 Palmerston North buses and 2 country buses.

The two country buses cover the areas of Levin/Shannon/Foxton & Feilding/Sanson.

For more information regarding the buses, please contact Kevin Gredig (LAC Bus Monitor) keving@lac.school.nz or phone UZABUS on 06 356 4896.

Palmerston North Bus Routes

Bus 1Bus 2Bus 3Bus 4

Bus 1 – Starts 8.25am

  1. Coronation Park
  2. Between Tiki Place and Parani Place
  3. Cloverlea Tavern Car Park
  4. Corner Havlock & Highbury Avenue
  5. Corner Opie Place & Ronburg Street
  6. Ronburg Street near Monrad Street
  7. Corner Pencarrow Street & Amberley Avenue

Bus 2 – Starts 8.05am

  1. Stads Café, Main Street, Terrace End
  2. Fish ‘n’ Chip shop Corner Main Street/Napier Road
  3. Vogel Street across from Bristol Crescent
  4. Vogel Street – across from Haydon Street
  5. Vogel Street – across from Rata Street
  6. Tremaine Avenue – before Thames Street
  7. Tremaine Avenue – Hospital
  8. Tremaine Avenue – Liberty Land/Corner Roy Street
  9. Botanical Road between Duna Place and Rewa Street
  10. Pioneer Highway between Lewis Place and Nottingham Avenue

Bus 3 – Starts 8.15am

  1. Albert Street – across from Manapouri Crescent
  2. Hokowhitu Domain
  3. St Albans
  4. Te Awe Awe Street, Wallace Place
  5. Fitzherbert Avenue – between Manawaroa Street & Huia Street
  6. Corner or College Street & Fitzherbert Avenue

Bus 4 – Starts 8.20am

  1. College Street – between Strathmore Place and Botanical Road
  2. College Street –Pitama Road – Awapuni Shopping Centre
  3. College Street – between Hurley Place & Alexander Street
  4. Maxwells Line – between Racecourse Road & Carter Crescent
  5. Maxwells Line – between Carter Crescent & Pioneer Highway

Drop off point in the afternoon is closest to the morning bus stop, which will be on the opposite side of the road.

Levin Bus Information

STEP ONE – Apply for a conveyance allowance

This gives you a maximum of $4.70 per child per day. The maximum is paid for any student 13km away from the school bus stop (Kingston Road).
Apply as soon as possible as payment cannot be backdated. It is paid in arrears and is only paid for those days your child attends school (if tehy are sick and stay home from school you don’t get paid for that day).

The fill this form out correctly you will need to know that:

  1. Your nearest school is Longburn Adventist College (because of its special character)
  2. Your nearest school bus stop is 1 Kingston Rd, Shannon (use Google Maps to get teh km detail needed from your home)
  3. There are no suitable public transport stops to LAC

For example: this will give you a possible $235 per child for a $10 week term deposited in your bank account by the Ministry of Education.


Option 1 – Drop your children off at Kingston Rd, Shannon, this can be a great option if you have time to drive, are close enough to Shannon or you’re able to carpool. The bus leaves Shannon in the morning at 7.45am and arrives back to Kingston Rd at 4.15pm.

Option 2 – Use the boys high and girls high school bus
This bus leaves Farmlands, Queen St in Levin at 7.30am. Other stops are McDonald Rd, Ihakara Hall and Heights Rd (all on State Highway 57).
LAC are given a special discounted rate if we purchase a term pass of $30 per week less 1 week per term, for example a 10 week term pass will cost you $270 per child.

You will need to contact Madge Coachlines – 06 356 4896 before the term starts to organise a bus pass for your child.