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The curriculum at LAC is organised around the Learning Areas identified in the New Zealand Curriculum: English, the Arts, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics and Statistics, Science, the Social Sciences and Technology, and the school’s special character subject – Bible. Through these subjects the school weaves relevant values and key competencies.

LAC’s attitude towards students and their learning is:

  • All students are to be seen as individuals (we really want to know each person) and we will not give up on any one of them.
  • All students will engage in the learning process and will achieve.

This attitude is ‘caught’ by students, with most succeeding in passing NCEA.

Year 10 Options

Compulsory Subjects: Religious Studies (Bible), English, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education



Home EconomicsJapaneseWoodwork

(Cultural Studies)

MāoriVisual ArtMusic

(Specialist Subjects)







Year 11-13 Subject Options

The options for 2018 are currently being finalised but will be based on the following LAC Subject Structure 2018:

IMPORTANT: Students who want to do Gateway, Agriculture or STAR courses need to see Mrs Mancer in the Library to see if this is possible.