Invictus Wellbeing Programme

Today’s adolescents are growing up in a world vastly different to that of any generation that has preceded them. Life in contemporary New Zealand and greater Australasia features “cultural pluralism, increased anxiety about personal and environmental risks, precarious employment, rampant consumerism, the information deluge, greater individualisation and increased instability in families” (Hughes, 2007). It is within this societal context that we are aiming to facilitate the journey of our students [...]

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Digital Technologies at LAC 2018 Dear Parents and Caregivers, 2017 was a transition year where students were encouraged to bring a device to use in their learning. In 2018 we would like all students to bring an ‘Acceptable Device’. For many families that acceptable device already exists but for some families it will not. For those families that currently do not have an acceptable device we want to provide options to consider before 2018 [...]

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Graduation 2017

High quality video of the Opening Programme and Prize Giving can be viewed here: The programme for LAC's 105th Graduation Weekend can be viewed below or downloaded here. LAC Graduation Programm 2017 For those unable to attend any of the programme they were live stream on the College's YouTube channel (see below).

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Course Subject Selection Booklets for 2018

Over the school break, current Y10, Y11 and Y12 students are encouraged to read through the corresponding subject selection booklets with their caregivers, as their subject choices for 2018 will need to be made in Week 1 of Term 4. In the next several weeks, we will be developing the timetable for 2018 from the finalised subject choices by senior students. 2017 [...]

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EDGE Exam Timetable 2017

Years 11–13 *EDGE Timetable 2017 (*Emergency Derived Grade Exams) Wednesday 20th September – Friday 22nd September 2017 All exams are in rooms A13, A14, A15 except for Art, Music, and Photography. Students are expected to remain in the exam room for the duration of the exam time. Exams will run from 9.00am – 12.00 pm, and 1.10pm - 3.10 pm daily. Be outside the exam room no later than 8.50 [...]

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