Hardcore Parkour

Parkour, it’s one of the sports that everyone thinks is crazy and only the craziest would attempt it. This is not true. No- matter how many videos you see of people doing massive jumps over huge drops and double flips they all started somewhere. I started in my backyard with a foam mattress. For weeks I practiced a backflip and I don’t know how many times I hurt myself. But, I never stopped; I kept trying until I got it. That’s how I got to where I am today. With a little skill and a lot of practice you can do just about anything.

Titus O’Donnell, Year 11


Beaven Ganaii Y12

“Beaven Wavisause Ganaii is an international boarding student at Longburn Adventist College since 2016. When he first arrived he “knew that this school (LAC) would help him with his education, give him many opportunities and grow his relationship with Jesus.”

Beaven loves sports such as touch rugby, soccer, and basketball. His favourite subjects are maths, physics, and history. He is involved in afterschool soccer training every Tuesday and represents the school in competitions.

He said “I wear our blue soccer uniform with pride, and I play to the best of my abilities. The school has taught me to control my temper and to be resilient.”

I look up to Beaven because he is successful in his academic career and I’m hoping he will be nominated Headboy next year.”

Jinni Zhang, Y12 Student