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In Christ, we educate, encourage and empower

Christian education since 1908

Who are we?

Longburn Adventist College (LAC) is a co-educational, state-integrated school, for Year levels 7 to 13. A significant majority of students come from Christian families and being a Seventh-day Adventist is not a requirement to attend.

At LAC, we offer day school and boarding facilities with a number of international students. This provides a multicultural and vibrant platform from which to educate students for eternity.

Here at LAC, ‘we grow together, becoming one in Christ’.

Principal, Brendan van Oostveen

Our Special Character

At Longburn Adventist College, we strive to incorporate Biblically-based Seventh-day Adventist Christian values into every aspect of school life. This is reflected in the core principles of integrity, respect and resilience.

Our aim is that every child that passes through these gates will leave with an understanding of who Christ is and will have had an opportunity to accept Him as their personal Saviour.

The simple yet complex truths of being God’s child, loving our neighbour and doing good to all are cornerstones that are foundational to the existence of LAC.

  • Christian Education – Christians from all denominations have always been welcome to share, explore and grow their faith in our Saviour Christ Jesus.

  • Global Education Network  – As an Adventist school, LAC is part of the largest Protestant educational system in the world.

  • Positive Behaviour for LearningLAC is a Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) school. PB4L is a school-wide approach where values and achievements are regularly celebrated.


This philosophy permeates through all aspects of school life from the sports field to professional teaching practice; from cultural programmes to restorative justice. We endeavour to make Christ the essence of everything, planned and enacted.

Some areas where we encourage students to see Christ for themselves are through Weeks of Worship, chapel programmes, rollmark devotions, Bible studies and a variety of service activities. As well as this, linking to curriculum and assessment is key.

The boarding facilities provide areas for personal student engagement through church attendance and participation each Saturday (Sabbath), morning and evening worships, and the students are also fully involved in service programmes.

The building of wholesome relationships between staff and students produces a positive family environment which contributes significantly to a Christ-centred campus.

Developing meaningful connections with students is vital to understanding their needs. In collaboration with students, we thus enable them to reach their full potential.

By choosing to study at LAC, you prepare for a changing world with everlasting values.

Two fantastic times of the year to which both students and staff look forward are our ‘Spiritual Emphasis Weeks’ commonly known as the ‘Week of Worship’. The first one, usually in term one and organised by the Chaplain, is a time in which a guest speaker is brought into the college for a week and a particular theme is pursued.

Each morning of these two weeks, the first period is devoted to these unique times.The purpose of these weeks is to give students the opportunity to be led closer to God in their relationship – and in many instances resulting in students committing their lives to God.

The programme is supported by prayer, the school’s own praise and worship band, personal testimonies and a follow-up with students who want further study of God’s word. The second programme, usually in term three, is run entirely by the students under the Chaplain’s guidance; it follows a similar format as the first, but students do all the speaking and running of the programme. Amazing times! These two weeks are a spiritual highlight of the college, and a number of students commit their lives to Christ during this time.

Our Year 13 students have the opportunity to share the gospel in State Primary schools by helping out in the Christian Religious Education programme. Each week pairs of students go into a classroom and share Christian stories.

The students develop the lesson and provide a programme each week. Our students love going, and the staff and kids at these schools love our students coming. Plans are being made for our students to go into other schools in the future.

Years 7&8

Students are encouraged to strive for excellence, develop a relationship with God and explore the many opportunities that arise. LAC offers a nurturing, supportive environment where students are known by name and cared for as individuals.

At LAC we know that the Intermediate years are the beginning of a journey. It is an adventure where you make new friends, have new experiences, and develop new skills, talents and passions.

Years 9&10

At the heart of this foundational stage in learning, Y9 and Y10 continue to understand the abundant love that God has for them through the learning experiences provided.

Juniors journey from a dedicated homeroom to a variety of areas of the school that allows them to experience and thrive in different subject areas, with the facilitation of speciality teachers. By gaining knowledge here, they hone in on their interests, and this lays the groundwork for specialised areas in senior school.

Years 11 to 13

The transition into high school is an area that is highly valued and supported at LAC. Here, more purposeful pathways are created to ensure a Christ-centred individual and citizen prepared to meet the working world.

Senior students are strongly encouraged to meet personal, academic goals through NCEA and other vocational areas. In doing this, they qualify to not only celebrate those successes at prize-giving and graduation but to see the fruits of hard work, dedication, resilience and excellence.

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*Domestic students include residents of New Zealand, Australia, Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau

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