Week of Worship, May 2016

//Week of Worship, May 2016

Week of Worship, May 2016

2017-08-08T14:49:17+00:00May 24th, 2016|Spiritual|

What an amazing week from Monday May 23rd to the 27th. We celebrated our first 2016 WOWs each morning beginning at 9.00 am under the theme of “IN CHRIST – I Am”. Each day Pr Will Iererua from Auckland shared a message underpinning the idea that God loves us with
an indescribable love that includes great plans if we would but let Him work His way in us. His daily themes from Monday were “I am loved, I am Powerful, I am Nothing, I am Free and I am Needed”. Students were challenged on Thursday as Pr Will shared his testimony of rejection and brokenness, and how he learned to let the past not hold him in the present.
Staff and students enjoyed the special items and the music-led worship – the staff also now have a regular spot in each WOW to lead in the praise and worship.
We even found some really talented students who had never shared their talents before. The Thursday call for prayer for healing saw a significant number stand before God and allowed Pr Will to pray for them. The Friday altar call allowed students to let their intentions be known on the WOW Connexion Card. Over 200 individual responses regarding Getting to Know Christ, How to Be the Real Me and Baptism were handed in and are being followed up by the chaplain.

Below is a link to Youtube where you can watch each day’s programme: