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My LAC Story

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I’m a Christian parent of three, with a Pentecostal church background. I went to a public school myself as a Christian and felt that it would be good for my kids to do the same, learning how to stand up for Jesus in the world. But as they grew through the public school system I became very aware that things were no longer neutral in these schools. I sensed that in a number of areas my children were being purposefully exposed to worldly sinful values by worldly people and a system that felt that Godly beliefs and His values were something to be overcome and taught against. I questioned the wisdom of legally giving and allowing Satan access to teach and impart to my children. Was this God’s ideal or man’s custom? My son was being constantly bullied at college and this was seriously damaging his self-worth and affecting his grades; all his attention was on his social problems and not focused at all on learning. 

My daughters, although beautifully good-natured, were struggling and behind in their academics, and I knew they would be lost and abused also in a large public school.  Upon hearing great feedback from people whose children attended LAC, we went to their open evening and walked in to the school’s chapel that was filled with happy children treating their teachers with respect but as if they were close friends, contemporary Christian music and the tangible presence of God.

The next year all three of my children attended LAC as Year 11, 9 & 8 students, and it’s been the best educational decision we could ever have made.  My kids love Bible class and the Week of Worship, and I love the fact that what I teach at home is also supported and practised at school. It’s not that there are never any problems; it’s just that they get sorted in a God-based way. I can talk to the teachers about spiritual truths and principles; they understand these and pray with the kids. Because my kids now are really confident with themselves and who they are in Christ, they are now really confident witnesses in and outside of school as not all of the students that go to LAC are from Christian homes. On top of all of this, LAC has wonderful educational success. My son passed his Level 1 with ease. He has a learning difficulty but the school supports him and gives him extra help when needed. We now have no bullying problems, so he is happy and loves school.

Both my daughters’ grades have come up to average or above, with one passing her year with a Merit.  My youngest commented, “Mum, I hated it when I first started LAC as my teacher made me do work, but now I’m actually getting better I wish I could have another year in Intermediate”. I wish I had started all of my kids at LAC for their first year of Intermediate, but so glad they are all there now 🙂

Rochelle from Levin


Over the years one of the biggest pleasures of working at LAC is to hear the stories of transformed lives. Through LAC’s new website we would like to start sharing these stories and encourage any parent/caregivers or students (current and past) to share their testimony of how Christ focused education has impacted them.

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