Digital Technologies at LAC 2018

//Digital Technologies at LAC 2018

Digital Technologies at LAC 2018

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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

2017 was a transition year where students were encouraged to bring a device to use in their learning. In 2018 we would like all students to bring an ‘Acceptable Device’. For many families that acceptable device already exists but for some families it will not. For those families that currently do not have an acceptable device we want to provide options to consider before 2018 arrives. The minimum requirements for an ‘Acceptable’ Device is that it will come with its own full-sized, physical keyboard: e.g., a chromebook or laptop.

The document below will give a more detailed explanation to help you if you are considering purchasing a device.


Complete the IT survey which will be sent in the near future. The survey will clarify if your child already has the desired technology and help us develop the possible options if they do not.


The LAC vision for digital technologies is that ‘ LAC grows a digital environment where learning, ethics and relationships are the focus’. For us, it is important that students are prepared for the world they will move into in the future but most importantly are prepared for God’s purpose in their lives. At the core of this journey the focus has been on retaining integrity in how we demonstrate our Christian values and strengthening relationships.

Two years ago, LAC began the journey to become a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) school. The ‘Fast & Curious’ technology team of teachers has led staff professional development this year so that staff can use digital technologies with increasing confidence to enhance teaching and learning. This has been a key focus of LAC PLD time on Thursday afternoons. Staff are working towards completing a Google Training Certificate by the beginning of 2018.

As a school we have heavily invested in the vision of growing our digital environment. The wifi infrastructure has been upgraded to support a larger number of devices, and modems are in most classrooms. A wider range of devices is now in use, including Chromebooks, iPads, TVs or projectors in each classroom, sound and recording devices. One computer lab has been upgraded to high-end desktop computers for specialist software usage. The Intermediate Department is also investigating the option of an online digital classroom.


This year students have been encouraged to bring any type of device to access the internet and participate in a growing number of digital activities in classes. This has resulted in some students bringing a wide range of devices daily. We have concluded that the ‘ acceptable device’ with a physical keyboard is more adaptable than using a phone or tablet.


In July 2016 the Ministry Of Education (MOE) announced that digital technology will be fully integrated into the NZ Curriculum, ensuring that all students from Year 1 to 13 will have the opportunity to learn Digital Technology and students will be able to specialise from Year 11 to 13. This curriculum will be introduced to all schools in Term one 2018 and is expected to be in use by 2020. “Many schools are already making digital technologies learning a part of their teaching programmes; the change ensures that all students get these experiences, to prepare them for a world
where digital skills are increasingly valuable to the economy and wider society.” (MOE Parent Fact Sheet) For more in-depth information about the Digital Technology Curriculum, fact sheets, the consultation & review process, the draft document, and links to further information, click here.

New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) also have a goal to have NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement) examinations, where appropriate, available online by 2020. They are currently conducting digital trials and pilots with schools around NZ for a selection of Level 1 and 2 subjects.

We look forward to working with you as we continue our journey with Digital Technologies.

Kind regards

Brendan van Oostveen
Principal, Longburn Adventist College