Jimmy Carter Quiz Competition

Jimmy Carter Inter-School General Knowledge Quiz Competition

In which country is Mt. Kilimanjaro located?
On August 28th 1963, who gave the speech ‘I Have a Dream?’
If 1½ chickens lay 1½ eggs in 1½ days, how many eggs will 6 chickens lay in a week?

“On the 29th of August, 5 students participated in the Jimmy Carter Quiz. Participants were Tuivulavula Unua, Aksha John, Danley Tonkin, Jessica Hiri and Liam Blakeborough . The Jimmy Carter Quiz is an annual schools competition that is held at the Convention Centre here in Palmerston North. 11 schools took part in the quiz this year and out of the 11, LAC ended up placing 9th which was a pretty good place considering how our group came together at such short notice. From our placing this year, next year we hope to improve and take us up to a higher placing.

I think that the Jimmy Carter quiz is a good learning experience for anyone who wants to participate and have a go at learning new things. I also think that it is a great way of bringing students who are shy out of their shells and it helps them become more involved with school activities and their peers. I know that from our group, everyone who participated enjoyed themselves during the event and I am looking forward to next year’s quiz. I also know that if I was asked to participate in any other events such as this one, I would do it without hesitation.”

By Tuivulavula Unua