2018 Year 13 Graduation

Graduation for the Yr 13s will take place on the 2nd – 3rd of November and is a highlight of the LAC school year. Graduation celebrates the Year 13 students’ academic successes and is also an opportunity to enjoy the best of LAC. The primary guests for the weekend are the family and friends of the Year 13 group, however, we would encourage the school community to come along and enjoy the programmes where we have seating room; primarily at the Friday night and the Saturday morning programmes. The Saturday night graduation service is more limited in seating and we would like to give priority to people with direct connections to our Year 13 students.

For Year 13 students to graduate, they have to meet the LAC criteria of achieving 60 Level 3 credits, including at least 12 credits in Level 3 Bible. The credits for meeting the graduation requirements can come from internal NCEA credits plus projected credits in the NCEA externals based on the school EDG exams at the end of Term 3.

Graduation Weekend Theme: ‘Form Your Purpose’

‘Form your purpose by asking for counsel, then carry it out using all the help you can get’ Proverbs 20:18 MSG

Friday 2nd November

5.30 pm Graduation Dinner – Year 13 Graduating Students/Parents or Caregivers/Teachers. Each graduating student can invite up to two people; parents, caregivers or friends; as guests for the meal in the College cafeteria.

7.30 pm – Opening Programme will also take place in the College Chapel.


Saturday 3rd November

10.00 am Graduation Church programme – Music/Drama/Year 13s as the speakers


3.00 – 4.15 pm – Praise Service with LAC House (not live streamed)


7.15 pm Graduation/Prize Giving – Speaker – Keira Bullock


Please note that the last school day for the Year 13s is Wednesday 31st October and for the next two days before the graduation weekend, the class will be expected to help and support the graduation committee in preparations for the weekend.