Year 13 Camp

This Year 13 camp was epic. Fantastic students, great staff, good weather- Tongariro put on great weather for both of the days we completed the crossing, so we actually got to see the Red Crater! BMAC staff were super-supportive as they guided us through rafting, caving and team-building challenges. Thank you to all the school staff who made this trip possible, leaving their families for a week away – Mr Woollaston, Mrs Bain, Mrs Aiono, Mrs Korte, Miss Fandrich and Justin Grayson, who came to help out with the crossing: From the students, and I, thank you!

Talia Grayson, Year 13 Camp Organiser


“The Camp was honestly such a good experience. Everybody enjoyed it and it really took a lot out of all of us who went. The activities were tiring and really challenged most students to take risks and face their fears, which really showed how supportive each other was of one another. Spending time with each other helped us as a year group to connect with one another, we broke down social barriers and built new friendships with each other. Having all this time as a group, brought us closer together as one which was really fulfilling and the love and support were real. Big shout out to the teachers that made it possible, and made those van trips so hype. The entire experience was amazing and I do encourage everyone to go.”

Ryan Miro, Y13 student from Papua New Guinea