Inter-House Art Competition

Recently, the school houses took on a new competition: The inter-house art competition. Mrs Bain, the art and design teacher, oversaw the competition. Everyone who participated received a circle of paper to draw and decorate on in a way that they thought best represented the theme “Spread Positivity.” Each entry gained the house one point. The entries wrapped around the inside of the building and new rows had to be added just to accommodate all the entries.

One winner was picked from each age division and those winners received more points for their house as well as a small gift. In the end, Wesley took third place with 151 points. Tyndale got second place with 247 points. Finally, Luther took first place with a whopping 280 points. Below are the winners of each age range:

13 years and Under 14 and 15 years 16 years and over
First Place Daniel Nhim (Luther) Olivia Medland (Luther) Kent Belisario (Wesley)
Second Place Harmony Ngarepa (Wesley) Tied between Jade Postuma (Wesley) and SM Miado (Tyndale) Sisi Panikoula (Luther)
Third Place Tino Mutsaka (Luther) Gemma Brayshaw (Tyndale) Amelia Tyrell (Tyndale)


Eva Ruiz, Year 12 Student