Week of Worship #1 2019

Wow!!! What a wonderful Week of Worship. We were blessed to have Josh Goss, Chaplain at Macquarie College in Australia as our guest speaker. The theme for the week was “Hi(s)-Story” wherein all areas of the daily programs, the focus was on the character of Jesus Christ.

Josh shared the purpose of Christ’s visit – is not just to redeem us, but for us then to share ‘His Story’ with others. Josh highlighted the idea that even though we may not see Jesus at work, He is – and His purpose is to establish a relationship with each of us. Josh’s humour and personality connected him readily with students and staff alike.

Working through Josh, the Holy Spirit challenged our students and 22 accepted the invitation to accept Christ as Saviour, 15 requested Bible Studies, 15 requested Baptism and 13 re-committed their lives to Christ (Amen)!

We praise God for His love and impact in the lives of our students.

Kevin Gredig, Chaplain

“Students always look forward to Week of Worship because of the features that are not included in weekly chapel programs. We had daily special items, videos, and a prayer room with six stations, set up for students and teachers to visit during break times and after school. The main reason week of worship is a highlight for students is because it’s a whole week dedicated to spiritual connection and expression.”

Rachel Jaboon, Head Girl