Years 11-13 EDGE* Timetable 2019

*Emergency Derived Grade Exams (Trial Exams)

Monday 16th Sept. – Friday 20th Sept. 2019


  • There will be no Year 11–13 roll mark during exam week. A roll will be taken in the exam room in the morning and in the afternoon.
  • There will be no Year 11-13 classes from Monday, Sept 16 – Friday 20th Sept.
  • Students will wear full school uniform to all examinations
  • Students will wear full school uniform if they are on campus at any time during the examination period.
  • Students will remain in the examination room for the full time allotted to their exam. No-one leaves early.
  • If a student finishes their exam early, they are to raise their hand and have their paper collected. 
  • If a signed permission slip is not handed to their roll mark teacher, students will attend supervised study periods. 
  • Students are to sign out when they leave campus, even though they have handed in a permission slip. The sign out sheet will be located on a desk outside A13.


  • Some practical subjects have allocated practical time during the exam time slots: i.e. Art, Design, Painting and Photography. Practical sessions/assessments will take place in their respective classrooms.


For Monday – Friday 

  • Morning exams begin at 9.00am. Students are to be waiting outside A13 no later than 8.50am.
  • Afternoon exams begin at 1.10pm. Students are to be outside A13 by 12.55pm

FOR PARENTS: Permission letters are required for students to leave campus after their morning examinations, assuming they have no afternoon exams. Examinations are compulsory. Students are to attend all set examinations of the subject that they take. When off-campus and wearing school uniform, students must carry a copy of this permission slip at all times. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Tamar Aiono at or via the school number.