107th Annual Graduation

‘…Perhaps you have come to royal dignity for just such a time as this.” Esther 4:14 (NRSV)

Year 13 Graduation took place at the end of Week 3, on the 1st & 2nd of November, with highlights scattered throughout the weekend. From a magnificent dinner shared with the graduates and their families to Roy Henry’s earnest and sincere talk; from the enthusiastic Praise and Worship group to the heartfelt testimonies shared at church on Saturday morning; the more informal celebration of Year 13 dormitory students by their boarding brothers and sisters. There were beautiful musical items presented, and appreciations were made to Mr and Mrs Henry for the significant impact made on students in their time at LAC. Every Year 13 student was involved in the preparation of the weekend and it was fabulous to see a host of skills come into play.

The Graduation evening was a testament to the hard work, effort, and contribution that the students have made to LAC. It was a celebration of their achievements and all they had accomplished, academic or otherwise, with every person being accounted for. Of the cohort, a high percentage achieved NCEA Level 3 and all but one were able to meet the goals they had set out for themselves this year. For this, we applaud and honour them. Thank you to all the staff who supported them in their journey.
The LAC chaplain, Kevin Gredig, was our keynote speaker who shared his last words of wisdom, punctuated by a biblical high calling, to be the people that stand up and apart.
The evening was a blend of laughter, formal celebration and a valuing of every student.

Our Top Award recipients were:

  • 2019 DUX – Lily Bull & Tuivulavula Unua
  • NZPUC Cup – Beaven Ganaii
  • Year 13 Citizenship – Beaven Ganaii
  • Pasifika Award – Beaven Ganaii
  • Paul Rampton – Tanner Ferreira
  • Year 13 Leadership – Rachel Jaboon
  • Year 13 Special Character – Emilia Sessa
  • Principal’s Award – Amelia Tyrrell & Sophie Pigott

Graduation Booklet