A Tribute to Mr Walsh

It is with great sadness that we share the passing of our former Assistant Principal, Mr Stan Walsh, who taught and served at LAC on and off for over 37 years from 1974 to 2017.

Below is a tribute written by former principal, Mr Bruce Sharp.

“The very sad recent passing of Stan Walsh has caused me to reflect on Stan’s contribution to
Adventist Education in general and his immense contribution to Longburn Adventist College
in particular. Most people will never know the impact his hard work and dedication has had
and continues to have, on the lives of the students at Longburn and throughout New Zealand.

Overwhelmingly Stan was an optimist who believed every student could succeed and he had
a powerful ability to convey this belief to his students. Many times students have exclaimed,
“he believed in me” when referring to Stan. He was one of those rare teachers who was able
to provide hope and encouragement by taking a personal interest in his students and
providing them with a ‘roadmap’ to success. Often was the time Stan would dig into his own
wallet to provide additional opportunities for students he saw potential in. The last few days
has seen many of his former students mingling sadness at his passing with thankfulness for
the role he played in their success. There’s no greater compliment a student can provide a
teacher than to acknowledge the part that the teacher had in their success and Stan has an ‘army’ of his students acknowledging his part in their success.

Students at Longburn Adventist College have enjoyed two decades of exceptional academic
success when measured by NCEA results. Stan was the key person who saw the potential of
the NCEA system, embraced it and provided the pathway to academic success for these
students. He worked tirelessly to create the Religious Studies Achievement Standards which
have been used by schools throughout New Zealand leaving a legacy that stretches far
beyond Longburn Adventist College. Teaching about the Bible was his passion but
introducing his students to Jesus Christ was an even greater passion.

On a personal note, Stan was a close friend and in my years as principal at LAC, he provided
me with support, expertise, humour and friendship. I have known him for 60 years, since
junior camp days at Te Mata where our mothers worked. My life has been enriched for
having known him and I will always be grateful that God placed him in the pathway of my

To Glynis, Sarah, Sal, Gareth and Lena, my heartfelt sympathies at your loss. We can all be
encouraged because Stan was a man of immense, unshakeable faith who knew his Saviour
and knew that Jesus has a special place for him in his Kingdom when He comes to claim His

Bruce Sharp
Principal (2006-2015)

“Be sure of this, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Matthew 28:20 NLT

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